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CAD/CAM System for Sheet Metal Fabrication

CAD/CAM System for Sheet Metal Fabrication

CAMPATH G4 Advanced

At MURATEC, our goal has always been to design a CAD/CAM system for the generation of high-quality NC programs. We believe that first time users should be able to produce high-quality NC programs without the need of specialized training or programming knowledge.
MURATEC introduced CAMPATH FDM in 1988 to replace the big burden of requiring operators to have extensive process knowledge and NC programming experience prior to producing their first NC programs. Since then, many new enhanced functions have been added along with providing a new look and user-friendly software interface. CAMPATH G4 Advanced is an "All-around" CAD/CAM system that is easy to operate and designed to work alongside the WINDOWS operating system.

One can freely operate between CAD, CAM and NES menu

Since all data is kept together in CAMPATH, the saved CAD data can be retrieved and modified easily.
Furthermore, tooling arrangement of unchanged drawing can be used as it is, which reduces the time of tooling arrangement.

Functions of CAM and NES menu is powered up!

CAD and CAM menu is unified in CAMPATH G4 Advanced. Using the powered up functions, the modifications of parts data can be easily reflected in the saved layout. Processing list function collectively displays the processing with the specified attribute in red. You can find out and edit the processing more easily and quickly.

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