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MURATEC sheet metal machinery carries on the tradition of the Wiedemann Machine Company

The Wiedemann Machine Company was established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1916 and over the years developed and produced a variety of machines.
Wiedemann unveiled the world's first NC turret punch press at a machine tools show in Chicago in 1955. It attracted attention as a pioneer within the sheet metal processing industry. Wiedemann remained on the cutting edge with the development of its Wiedematic S Series in 1964 and the Mach 2 in 1972.
MURATEC entered the sheet metal processing industry through a technical collaboration with Wiedemann. With its unique technological development, MURATEC offered a variety of products, such as multifunctional processing machinery combining laser processing functions, large-scale FMS and automated warehousing.
In 1989 MURATEC merged with Wiedemann and has continued to lead the world in sheet metal machinery thanks to such technological developments as the announcement of the world's first servo-motor-driven NC turret punch press.



The Wiedemann Machine Company was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA by Theodore Wiedemann a Germany Immigrant.


Wiedemann marketed the first turret punch press without a center post, the R2.


The Nishijin Jacquard Mfg. partnership was established in Kyoto.


Company was renamed the Murata Textile Machine Co., Ltd. And initiated enterprise activities.


Worlds first NC (Numerical Control) introduced in Chicago IL at IMTS - the A1528


The company adopted its present name, Murata Machinery, Ltd.


The Warner & Swasey Company of Cleveland, Ohio acquired Wiedemann, and exhibited the first NC turret punch press, Wiedematic-S2550 in Chicago IL at IMTS.


Murata Warner Swasey Co., Ltd., a joint venture with the Warner & Swasey Co., U.S.A. was established.


Murata Warner Swasey Co., Ltd. began manufacture of NC turret punch press in Japan.


Exhibited the compact NC turret punch press, CENTRUM-1000 in Chicago IL at IMTS.


Exhibited the NC laser & punch press combination machine, W4560 in Tokyo at JIMTOF.


Murata Machinery, Ltd. acquires the Wiedemann Division.


Muratec introduces the worlds first electric servo motor turret punch press the MOTORUM 2000, in Osaka at JIMTOF.


Muratec introduces the worlds first turret changer the NPS-01, in Hannover Germany at Euroblech.


Muratec introduces dual drive press brake BH series and ball screw press brake BB series.


Muratec introduces fiber laser cutting machine LS3015FC.
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine LS3015FC


Muratec introduces fiber laser punch combination machine LS3015HL.
Fiber Laser Punch combination machine LS3015HL