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Advanced Hybrid Laser [LS3015HL / LS2512HL]

LS3015HL / LS2512HL

Advanced Hybrid Laser

LS3015HL / LS2512HL


The LS3015HL / LS2512HL Hybrid Laser is the latest innovation in Muratec's pursuit of value-added sheet metal processing. Leveraging the high-speed precision of fiber laser cutting and the accurate forming and tapping performance synonymous with Muratec's punch press technology, the Hybrid Laser provides superior quality and significant throughput increases.

LS3015HL LS2512HL




    New Hybrid machine with fiber laser basis

    In order to achieve the most value from the fiber laser system, material is processed on traditional slat pallets using flying optics providing high speed and high accuracy.



Forming Operations by Servo Drive

Support for various forming processes is done with upper and lower servo drives. Forming operations are performed on a stable brush table. Tool conditions in the control allow adjustment of all forming profiles.



High Quality Rigid Tapping Unit driven by servo motor

Servo-controlled tapping supports a large variety of machine and roll-type taps. Automatic chip vacuum, tap lubrication, tap breakage sensor and tap life management is included.



Table Shift

The material is moved from slats pallet to brush table by a fork unit. Provides seamless table shift transfer from cutting to forming. Designed to maintain quality throughout cutting and forming processes, the fork unit transfers material from the laser pallet to the brush table, utilizing work clamps to keep the material from shifting during transition.





Rated output

2500 W, 4000 W, 6000 W

Maximum cutting area (X×Y×Z)

3075 mm × 1550 mm × 100 mm

2525 mm x 1265 mm x 100 mm

Maximum material weight

920 kg
automation 600 kg

620 kg
automation 400 kg

Fast traverse speed

170 m/min. (XY simultaneous)

Positioning accuracy

+/- 0.01 mm

Repeat accuracy

+/- 0.01 mm

Maximum processing capacity

5 ton

Number of forming stations


Tooling type

LS3015HL / LS2512HL special tooling

Maximum forming sheet thickness (*)

6.35 mm , 12 mm (option)

Number of tapping stations

4 (standard), 8 (option)

Tap size range

M2 - M10, M12 (option)

Type of tap

machine tap or rolling tap

Maximum tapping sheet thickness (*)

6.35 mm, 12 mm (option)

* This shows possible loading work dimensions for forming & tapping, but not capability of forming & tapping.

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