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Fiber Laser LS3015FC





Three-Axis Linear Drive System
Rigid Frame Design
Laser Head Supports Safe Operation
Fully Enclosed Cutting Area Enhances Safety
Internal ventilation provides a clean working environment
Double sliding doors provide easy access
Pallet Changer

Advanced Features


MVHS control (Microcomputer Control by Variety of High Speed Outputs)
Light Reflection Monitor
Beam Monitor Function
High Quality Marking
Operation Monitoring System
Auto Programming System

Material Thickness Capacities

Automation Systems

LS3015FC & FS3015TL

LS3015FC & FS2512T

Main Specifications

Rated Output

2500 W, 4000W, 6000W

Maximum cutting area (X × Y × Z)

3070 mm × 1550 mm × 95 mm
[120.8" × 61.0" × 3.7"]

Maximum material weight

600 kg

Fast traverse speed
(XY simultaneous)

340 m/min


For your inquiry : Please consult your local Muratec sales networks for information regarding the products and services that may be available in your area.