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Laser Punch Combination Machines

Laser Punch Combination Machines

MURATEC's HL SERIES for Integration of Laser Cutting with Punching, Forming and Tapping.

Ever since the first NC punch press was introduced in 1970, MURATEC has been a continuous innovator in sheet metal processing. MURATEC developed the first punch-laser combination press in 1984 and since then MURATEC strived continually to offer high quality, high speed performance HL series machines with user-friendly technology. The HL series machines use advanced technology, high performance CNC control and the laser oscillator.

HL series Benefits
  • Process integration of laser cutting and punching with forming and tapping (option) is possible in one machine.

  • Increased productivity

  • Better product quality due to multiple processing with a single workpiece clamping

  • Greater manufacturing flexibility

  • Shorter lead times and lower running cost

  • Reduced number of machines and in-process inventory

Laser Punch Combination Machine

HL series







For your inquiry : Please consult your local Muratec sales networks for information regarding the products and services that may be available in your area.