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As the marketing partners

As the marketing partners

Muratec can provide various customer supports, as the designer and manufacturer most familiar with the machinery and the global market.

VORTEX Partner

VORTEX yarn, spun by Muratec's VORTEX spinning machine, has been highly acclaimed for its properties, including pilling resistance; many apparel manufacturers are utilizing the VORTEX yarn in their product development.


Muratec created a network, known as VORTEX Partner, consisting primarily of its customers who are users of VORTEX spinning machines. Besides promoting VORTEX yarn in websites, we have been actively participating in seminars and trade shows for apparel manufacturers to introduce VORTEX yarn and VORTEX Partners' products.

By joining the VORTEX Partner network, you will receive many benefits and ideas, ranging from product planning to product development and promotion of your products, as well as technical support.

For details on joining the VORTEX Partner network, please use the contact information left or contact your nearest Muratec representative.

Vortex Partners

Let's get VORTEX PARTNERS' information!

Now you can see the list of VORTEX PARTNER more than 60 companies and more than 20 areas worldwide on our website.