• Jul. 1935

    The Nishijin Jacquard Mfg. partnership was established.
    Began production and sales of jacquard machines.

  • Sept. 1945

    Company was renamed the Murata Textile Machine Co., Ltd.

  • Jun. 1946

    Began production of winders.
    Entered the field of spinning machines.

  • 1950

    Developed manual tube winder "No. 68" and split drum winder "No. 22".

  • 1951

    Developed Automatic Tube Winder "No. 100".

  • Oct. 1955

    Through a license agreement with Abbott Co. of the United States, began production of automatic cone winders.
    Began full-scale involvement in the spinning machine industry.

  • Jan. 1959

    Began production of automatic cone winder No.10.

  • Jun. 1959

    Through a license agreement with Maxbo of Sweden, began production of air jet looms.
    Entered the field of weaving machines (to 1965).

  • Jun. 1962

    The company name changed to Murata Machinery, Ltd.

  • Jul. 1964

    Jointly developed two-for-one twisters for filament with Teijin Limited.
    Entered the field of machinery for manmade fiber.

  • Jun. 1965

    Through a license agreement with Gilbos NV of Belgium, began production of automatic winder No. 11.

  • Jun. 1967

    Through a technology-sharing agreement with Neumag of Germany, began production of take-up winders for manmade yarn.

  • Sept. 1967

    Two-for-one twister exhibited at the 5th ITMA - International Exhibition of Textile Machinery in Basel, Switzerland.

  • Jan. 1972

    Representative office in Hong Kong opened. Becomes an overseas subsidiary in 1980 (Presently, Murata Machinery (H.K.), Ltd.).

  • April. 1973

    Introduced and began production of dobby.

  • Jun. 1973

    Kaga Factory began operations.

  • Dec. 1973

    Murata Do Brasil was established in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • 1973

    Developed single spindle type automatic winder "No. 7-I".

  • April. 1974

    Representative office opened in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • May. 1974

    Murata of America, Inc. (Presently, Murata Machinery USA, Inc.) established in Charlotte, NC, USA.

  • Oct. 1975

    At ITMA Milan 1975, exhibited draw texturing machine, No.333.

  • Sept. 1976

    Individual-spindle type automatic winder No. 7 exhibited at the 1st OTEMAS - Osaka International Textile Machinery Show in Osaka, Japan.

  • Feb. 1978

    Released the central monitoring system for automatic winders, “MONITRON”.

  • Aug. 1978

    Developed draw texturing machine, No.333-II MACH CRIMPER (with Nip-twister).

  • Nov. 1978

    Developed air-jet spinning frame, MURATA JET SPINNER (MJS).

  • Oct. 1979

    Exhibited the automatic winder with Mach Splicer, No.7-II Mach Coner, and the draw-texturing machine with Nip Twister, No. 333-II, at ITMA'79 in Hanover, Germany.

  • Feb. 1981

    Representative office opened in Karachi, Pakistan.

  • Nov. 1981

    The Murata Jet Spinner (MJS), a revolutionary air-jet spinning machine, and the Bobbin Tray/Link Coner automated transport system for automatic winder and spinning frame exhibited at the 2nd OTEMAS.

  • Oct. 1983

    At ITMA Milan 1983, exhibited Automatic Winder with Bobbin-tray system and Link Coner system.

  • Nov. 1984

    Murata Machinery Europe GmbH was established in Dusseldorf, Germany.

  • May 1986

    Representative office opened in Cairo, Egypt.

  • Jul. 1987

    Murata Machinery Taiwan Co., Ltd. (presently, Murata Machinery Taiwan, Ltd.) established in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Jun. 1988

    Opened a service center in Beijing, China (presently, Murata Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch) opened.

  • Jun. 1989

    Murata (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Jan. 1991

    Reached cumulative shipments of 2 million spindles of two-for-one twisters.

  • Oct. 1991

    Introduced a new unified brand name, "MURATEC".

  • Oct. 1992

    Released “Murata Jet Spinner Management System”.

  • Jun. 1994

    Representative office opened in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Oct. 1997

    Exhibited the Murata Vortex Spinner (MVS), a highly revolutionary the air-vortex spinning frame, at the 6th OTEMAS.

  • Mar. 1998

    Murata Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai, China.

  • Jun. 1999

    Released the integrated management system for automatic winders, “Visual Manager”.

  • Sept. 1999

    Reached cumulative production of 1 million spindles of the No.7 automatic winder series.

  • May. 2001

    Representative office opened in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

  • Oct. 2001

    Exhibited the No. 21C series automatic winder at the 7th OTEMAS.

  • April. 2002

    Established TMT Machinery, Inc. as a joint venture company with Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. and Teijin Seki Co., Ltd.

  • Jul. 2002

    Shanghai Factory (Murata Machinery Mfg. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) began operations.

  • Mar. 2003

    Synthetic fiber machinery business completely transferred to TMT Machinery.

  • Aug. 2005

    The arrange winder won the first Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award Prime Minister's Award.

  • Oct. 2007

    Murata Machinery India Private Ltd. was established in India.

  • Feb. 2010

    Reached cumulative shipments of 1,000 machines of VORTEX spinning machine.

  • Sept. 2011

    At ITMA 2011 Barcelona, released the automatic winder “QPRO” and “VORTEX Ⅲ 870”, and introduced the concept of “Muratec Smart Support(MSS)”.

  • May. 2012

    Released the integrated management system for VORTEX, “VORTEX LABO”.

  • Jul. 2013

    Murata Machinery Mexico S.DE R.L.DE C.V. was established in Mexico.

  • Nov. 2015

    At ITMA 2015 Milan, released the automatic winder "QPRO Plus" and "FPRO plus“, and MSS applications.

  • April. 2016

    Murata Machinery Korea Co., Ltd. began operations.

  • Sept. 2016

    Released “Visual Manager Ⅲ” for automatic winder and “V-LABOⅢ” for VORTEX.

  • Feb. 2017

    Murata Machinery Bangladesh Ltd. was established in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • Oct. 2018

    At ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 Shanghai, released the automatic winder "QPRO EX" and "FPRO EX".

  • Sept. 2019

    At ITMA 2019 Barcelona, released the "VORTEX 870 EX".

  • Jun. 2023

    At ITMA 2023 Milan, released the automatic winder "AIcone”.