VORTEX is a unique yarn, somewhat different from those you know.

What type of materials are you looking for ?
Do you have any difficulty in handling your yarn ?
VORTEX® is quality yarn with high function and fashion applicability, created by VORTEX® spinning technology.
The unique yarn formation using vortex air gives VORTEX® yarn various features, and makes VORTEX® yarn the ideal material for daily use and for fashion.
Today, many apparel brand producers in the front line of global markets are creating new value added products by VORTEX®.
We believe VORTEX®, with its innovative features, could meet your needs.



  • Less hariness & Clear appearance
  • High resistance to Pilling & abrasion
  • High water absorption
  • Less shrinkage & High wash resistance
  • Can be spun with various other materials such as cotton, synthetic fiber, regenerated fiber and blended fiber.
  • Yarn structure also suitable as core yarn.
  • The functionality of VORTEX® yarn will make your yarn stand out from the competition’s, offering you plenty of applications from apparel and distribution to product development proposals.
  • VORTEX® may contribute for sustainability by taking advantage of the characteristics of spinning machine and yarn manufactured by VORTEX®.

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VORTEX website always provides you with the latest information. You can get information of the nearest VORTEX PARTNER who can supply VORTEX yarn. Furthermore, you can search our partner by your desired conditions, such as “area” and “material”.