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Research & Development

Research & Development

With a consistently fresh viewpoint, we offer products that respond to the time.

A tireless desire to improve through research and development. A solution
company that accurately grasps the flow of the times and constantly
brings the world new technology that companies need. This is the core of
Murata Machinery.

Going beyond divisional borders to share fundamental technologies in groups

- Research and Development (R&D) Headquarters -

Our individual divisions and our R&D Headquarters work together to develop the diverse array of products we supply at Murata Machinery, dividing up roles and incorporating a high level of synergy in the process. Each division continually enhances its own unique core technology related to its project scope while the R&D Headquarters continually enhances platform technology that forms a foundation for sharing multiple project domains. The result is that each section
cooperates together to engage in developing products with high added value. The platform technology that the R&D Headquarters has enhanced through mid to long term development strategies is deployed in multiple projects across multiple divisions.

Support ICT-driven product and service development for the next generation

- Information and Communication Technology & Control Development Headquarters -

This center opened on the grounds of the head office in the spring of 1992. With the aim of instituting an improved cooperative relationship between man and scientific technology, the Muratec R&D Center was established by Murata Machinery to provide technological expertise to its five divisions: textile machinery, machine tools, automated systems, communication equipment, and clean systems. It also functions as an interdivisional networking base where the latest research information is integrated. Leading scholars and researchers around the world are invited there to engage in technical exchange covering a wide range of subjects, lecture at study sessions, and attending informal gatherings.