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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile



Jul. 1935

The Nishijin Jacquard Mfg. partnership was established in Kyoto.

Sept. 1945

Company was renamed the Murata Textile Machine Co., Ltd. and initiated enterprise activities.
Began production of winders.

Oct. 1955

Began production of automatic cone winders.

Jun. 1961

Developed turret lathes and began production.
Machine Tools Division was established.

Apr. 1962

Inuyama Plant began operations.

Jun. 1962

The company adopted its present name, Murata Machinery, Ltd.

Sept. 1962

Began production of tool cabinets. Physical Distribution Control Systems Division (following Automated Systems Division) was established.

Sept. 1963

Developed two-for-one twisters and began production.

Jul. 1964

Introduced CONEMATIC automatic winder.

Dec. 1965

Began production of man-made-fiber machines.

Jun. 1970

Murata Warner & Swasey Co., Ltd., a joint venture with the Warner & Swasey Co., U.S.A. was established and began manufacture of automatic lathes.

Feb. 1972

Introduced and began production of take-up winders.

Nov. 1972

Entered into technical and sales agreement with Graphic Sciences, Inc., U.S.A. and established Nippon Dex, Corp., in Japan for the production and sales of facsimile transceivers.

Apr. 1973

Introduced and began production of dobby.

Jun. 1973

Kaga Factory began operations.

Jul. 1973

Facsimile Machine "dex 180" obtained Japan's first type-approval by Nippon Telegraph and public Corp. (Presently, NTT).

Oct. 1973

Murata Machinery (HK), Ltd. was established in Hong Kong, China.

Dec. 1973

Murata Do Brasil was established in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

May. 1974

Murata of America, Inc. was established in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Aug. 1978

Developed draw texturing machine, No.333-II MACH CRIMPER (with Nip-twister).

Nov. 1978

Developed air-jet spinning frame, MURATA JET SPINNER (MJS).

May. 1979

Introduced the ROBO-FAMILY of unmanned transportation vehicles.

Oct. 1979

Exhibited the automatic winder, No.7 MACH CONER (with Mach Splicer) at ITMA'79 in Hanover, Germany.

Oct. 1980

Introduced and began production of CNC twin spindle chucker.

Mar. 1981

Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) began operation at the Inuyama Plant.

May. 1981

Developed the 300 series of digital facsimile.

Feb. 1982

Developed Handling Robot for heavy workloads.

Nov. 1984

Murata Machinery Europe GmbH was established in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Oct. 1986

Developed the intelligent monorail system for clean room, SKY RAV.

Jul. 1987

Murata Machinery Taiwan Co., Ltd. was established in Taipei, Taiwan.

Mar. 1988

Opened a service center in Beijing, China.

May. 1988

The 1st Murata Human Talk was held, addressed by Dr. Tonegawa.

Jan. 1989

Began to sponsored the annual All-Japan Interprefectural Women's Ekiden Marathon held in Kyoto.

Mar. 1989

Oita Factory began operations.

Jun. 1989

Murata (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Bangkok, Thailand.

Oct. 1989

Acquired the Wiedemann Division from the Warner & Swasey Company Co., Ltd., U.S.A., and established Murata Wiedemann, Inc. in U.S.A.

Mar. 1990

Murata Warner Swasey Co., Ltd. was merged into the Machine Tools Division of Murata Machinery, Ltd.

Jun. 1990

Murata Automated Systems, Inc. was established in U.S.A.

Aug. 1990

Murata Automated Systems Taiwan Co., Ltd. was established in Taipei, TAIWAN.

Oct. 1991

Introduced a new unified brand name, "MURATEC".

Apr. 1992

R&D Center was established in the Kyoto head office.

Jan. 1993

Murata Machinery Singapore Pte. Ltd was established in Singapore.

Feb. 1994

"Dream Center", an automated systems laboratory, completed in Inuyama Plant.

May. 1994

Began contract manufacturing of facsimile in Shenzhen, China.

Jul. 1994

Developed Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV).

Oct. 1994

Exhibited the MOTORUM 2000, servo motor driven CNC turret punch press, and the MW12G, CNC twin spindle chucker, at JIMTOF'94 in Osaka, Japan.

Jun. 1997

Clean Systems Division was established.

Oct. 1997

Developed the air-vortex spinning frame for cotton Murata Vortex Spinner (MVS).

Mar. 1998

Murata Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai, China.

Apr. 2002

Merged synthetic fiber machinery business unit with Toray Engineering Co., Ltd., and Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd., and established a joint capital company, TMT Machinery, Inc.

Jun. 2002

Integrated Automated Systems Division and Clean Systems Division into Logistics & Automation Division.

Jun. 2002

Integrated the subsidiaries in U.S.A.- Murata of America, Inc., Murata Wiedemann, Inc., and Murata Automated Systems, Inc. - into Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

Jul. 2002

Shanghai Factory (Murata Machinery Mfg. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) began operations.

Nov.. 2006

Opened the RFID Solution Center utilizing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology for material handling systems.

Jul. 2007

Integrated the subsidiaries in TAIWAN - Murata Machinery Taiwan Co, Ltd. and Murata Automated System Taiwan Co, Ltd - into Murata Machinery Taiwan, Ltd.

Dec. 2008

Developed the compact color MFP, MFX-C3400.

Mar. 2009

Developed the new communication gateway tool GriDRIVE, which realizes the secure information sharing among multiple remote locations.

Aug. 2009

Acquired Asyst Technologies Japan and established Muratec Automation Co. Ltd., specializing in Automated Material Handling Systems for Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display.

Sep. 2010

Developed the high performance AS/RS with sorting system, Uni-Shuttle HP.

Nov. 2010

Opened the L&A Solution Center.

Dec. 2011

Acquired Silex Technology Inc.

Apr. 2012

Muratec Automation Co. Ltd was merged into Murata Machinery, Ltd.

Apr. 2013

Contorol & Sensing Division was established

Jul. 2013

Murata Machinery Mexico S.de R.L.de C.V.was established in Mexico City, Mexico.

Oct. 2014

Acquired Cimcorp Oy (Ulvila, Finland).

Jul. 2017

Murata Machinery Bangladesh Ltd. was established in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Feb. 2018

Acquired AGVE AB (Goteborg, Sweden).

Oct. 2018

Acquired Horibe Machinery, Co., Ltd.(Nagoya, Japan).

Sep. 2022

Murata Machinery Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Apr. 2023

Integrated Horibe Machinery, Co., Ltd.  into Machine tools Division.