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Customer Support

fot customers' competitiveness

As a manufacturer of industrial machine for yarn making, Muratec has been making improvements to its machinery and advancing the technology by sharing all customer requests with its sales, service, engineering, and manufacturing departments.
We have been able to improve our machines and proposals by responding to our customers' challenges.

From marketing to operations, maintenance and sale of parts, Muratec provides its customers with total support in order to help them strengthen their competitiveness.
By being aware of and responsive to our customers' needs we have improved our technical strength and proposal capabilities.

We at Muratec uncompromisingly pursue customer satisfaction so that we can meet or exceed all their expectations, wherever they are and in every aspect, including quality, productivity, flexibility, safety, and environmental measures.

As the Marketing Partner

Muratec can provide various customer supports, as the designer and manufacturer most familiar with the machinery and the global market.

Maintenance & Repair

Muratec ensures that your equipment is in good working condition by providing appropriate services.

Remote Service

Muratec implements preventive maintenance concepts and provides you with the remote service.

Seminar & Training

Highly skilled, knowledgeable staff can maximize the use of superior equipment. Muratec offers seminars and provides training to your staff.

Genuine Parts

Genuine parts, whose quality and performance are guaranteed by Muratec as the machine manufacturers, have many advantages over other general parts.

Retrofit & Renewal

Muratec also offers various upgrading options, including retrofit and overhaul, for your machine so that it can contribute to the success of your company for a long time.

Murata Parts Sales, Ltd.

Murata Parts Sales, Ltd. has been taking responsibility for supplying parts for Muratec textile machinery.

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