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VORTEX Spinning Machine


VORTEX is a new type of yarn, somewhat different from those you know.

What type of materials are you looking for?
Do you have any difficulty in handling your yarn?

VORTEX® is quality yarn with high function and fashion applicability, created by VORTEX® spinning technology.
The unique yarn formation using vortex air gives VORTEX® yarn various features, and makes VORTEX® yarn the ideal material for daily use and for fashion.
Today, many apparel brand producers in the front line of global markets are creating new value added products by VORTEX®.

We believe VORTEX®, with its innovative features, could meet your needs.


Advantages ;

  • Less hariness & Clear appearance
  • High resistance to Pilling & abrasion
  • High moisture absorption
  • Less shrinkage & High wash resistance
  • Can be spun with various other materials such as cotton, synthetic fiber, regenerated fiber and blended fiber.
  • Yarn structure also suitable as core yarn.
  • The functionality of VORTEX® yarn will make your yarn stand out from the competition's, offering you plenty of applications from apparel and distribution to product development proposals.
  • VORTEX® Partner textile companies from over 20 countries around the world have used VORTEX® yarn to promote their products to apparel and distribution companies.

You can get VORTEX® information more!

VORTEX website always provides you with the latest information.

You can find the event and exhibition in which we participate, seminar information, the VORTEX® product information, and more.

You can know information of the nearest VORTEX® Partner who can supply VORTEX® yarn. Now VORTEX® Partners more than 60 companies and more than 20 areas worldwide are shown.


Download Brochure

VORTEX Yarn Guide Book (4.6MB)

VORTEX Yarn Guide Book (2.5MB) PDF