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Automatic Winder

Visual Manager+
Integrated Management & Support System for Automatic Winder

Visual Manager+ is a system which supports maintenance management of customer machines. Installation of a BOX which is connected to both the LAN in the factory and the Internet allows for management of machines and documents in customer factories and also allows for connection with Muratec via the Internet to create an infrastructure for interactive communications. Through Visual Manager+, Muratec shares customer machine operation data to provide support services including machine diagnostic reports and timely transmission of the most recent technical information, etc., to customers.


Visual Manager+ collects data for analysis via VOS built into PROCESS CONERⅡ QPRO and No.21C PROCESS CONER series. LAN-connected PCs displays data relating to maintenance, production and quality. If Visual Manager+ discovers abnormal data, it locates and notifies the source of the data, and displays instructions on how to handle the problem.  This allows customers to reduce maintenance time.


In addition, the most recent documents including parts catalogs and instruction manuals can be easily managed, searched, and accessed with a PC.


Further, by being connected via the Internet, Muratec collects and analyzes customer’s operation data and provides machine diagnostic reports for maintenance by customers. Operation data can be remotely confirmed in advance, so that maintenance support can be provided more promptly.

VISUAL MANAGER - Integrated management system for automatic winders

Machine management

Home Screen

VISUAL MANAGER - Abnormal location display

Information on machines and spindles which require maintenance and factory operation data are displayed.


VISUAL MANAGER - Check point display

The system analyzes the operation data and suggests the maintenance.


VISUAL MANAGER - Quality Control Matrix display

Product quality is automatically improved by better maintenance.


VISUAL MANAGER - Production Control

Graphical report of production data is available for each machine, each lot and each group.

Document management

Instruction manuals and parts catalogs of particular machines are available.

VISUAL MANAGER - Abnormal location display

VISUAL MANAGER - Check point display

Parts Catalog


 Instruction Manual

Diagnostic Report (optional)

Muratec support team analyzes the operation data and sends the diagnostic reports to each and every customer. (Weekly report and monthly report)

VISUAL MANAGER - Abnormal location display

VISUAL MANAGER - Check point display

  VISUAL MANAGER - Check point display   VISUAL MANAGER - Check point display



 Diagnostic comments


Operation status (IMC)


Maintenance information

Download Brochure

VISUAL MANAGER - Integrated Management System for Automatic Winders

Visual Manager+ (2MB) PDF