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Customer Interview


PT. Primayudha Mandirijaya
(a group company of PT. Bitratex)

Special Interview with Mr. K.K.Agrawal
President Director

2011 Winter

We are pleased to have had a chance to interview Mr. K.K.Agrawal, President Director of PT. Primayudha Mandirijaya, about their business in the Indonesian situation and the expectations of VORTEX.

Mr. K.K.Agrawal

Mr. K.K.Agrawal
President Director of
PT. Primayudha Mandirijaya
(a group company of PT. Bitratex)

Indonesia made FTA with China. What has been the impact on Bitratex and Primayudha?
Mr. Agrawal

China is a competitor for certain segments of Textiles and Garments where they offer very competitive prices.
At the same time, there is a market for high quality textile yarns in China. Our companies are catering to that segment.
The FTA also has had a positive impact as Indonesian yarns can be imported by China due to zero / small duty.
We hope that Chinese markets for Indonesian yarns will grow further.
Could you please tell us the market situation of VORTEX?
Mr. Agrawal

At PT. Primayudha we have focussed on production of 100% Viscose yarns only on VORTEX machines.
We understand from market sources that some other spinners are producing 100% Polyester, P/V blended, P/C blended yarn on VORTEX machines but Murata does not recommend the same as of now.
As per our assessment the VORTEX yarns have good long term prospects. However, Murata should make more efforts in making VORTEX yarns popular by organizing seminars and exhibitions for end users (fabric & garment makers).
The cost of electricity is increasing continuously in Indonesia. We anticipate you will expect much of VORTEX in this situation due to the advantages in energy savings. Could you please tell us the merit of the VORTEX machine on your point of view?
Mr. Agrawal

The VORTEX Machines have advantage of power saving over Ring Spinning system. The VORTEX machine has merit of distinct quality in terms of better evenness of yarn and low pilling of the fabric made from the VORTEX yarn. The operational advantages are similar to OE Spinning machines namely, shorter process, saving in the space required and relatively less man-power required.

No.21C Process Coner at Dong Quang Textile
VORTEX sales has achieved 1200machines in the world and we feel VORTEX has spread out all over the world. Please kindly tell us the business policy of Biratex to promote VORTEX yarns, and what are the features and selling points of VORTEX in your opinion.
Mr. Agrawal

PT. Primayudha and PT Bitratex, both, are known for supplying high quality yarns conforming to the highest international standards.
The target market segments for other textile and garment companies and those produced from the yarn supplied by PT.
Primayudha and PT. Bitratex are different.
In fact many companies who want high quality yarns do import the yarns from us. Based on the discussions with customers in various export markets across the world, we get a feeling that there is a scope to market the VORTEX yarns and that is how we have expanded our product base to include VORTEX yarns into our product range.
The low hairiness of the yarn resulting into better pilling properties of the fabrics produced using VORTEX yarns is its sales promotion compared to other spun yarn.

No.21C Process Coner at Dong Quang Textile
Could you please let us know about any design requests for the VORTEX machine?
Mr. Agrawal

As power cost has increased and may continue to increase in future, we would prefer longer length machines.
Then, it would be an advantage if polyester, cotton and blends can be processed on VORTEX machines.
PT. Primayudha Mandirijaya

PT. Primayudha Mandirijaya
(a group company of PT. Bitratex)
Jakarta, Indonesia


PT. Primayudha Mandirijaya

PT. Primayudha Mandirijaya

The company PT. Primayudha Mandirijaya was established in 1997.

It started commercial production of Spun Yarns in 1998. Now, PT. Primayudha is one of PT. Bitratex Group companies.
The manufacturing facility of the company is located at a picturesque background at the foothills of Mount Merbabu.
The company has about 1300 employees and has monthly production of about 1700 MT of spun yarns.

The product range includes :
1) Ring Spun Yarns
 • Combed Cotton
 • Viscose
 • Cotton /Viscose Blended
2) Jet Spun Yarns
 • Polyester
 • Polyester / Viscose Blended
 • Viscose
3) VORTEX yarn
 • Viscose

The above information was written in January 2011.