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Special Interview with Mr. Anshuman Gupta,
Chief Marketing Officer of Lucky spinning Co., Ltd.

2009 Winter

Muratec participated in the "EXPOFIL 2009", one of the most historic international textile trade shows held in Paris. This time, in addition to introducing samples of many products made with VORTEX yarn, we also explained the technology as well as the originality of VORTEX spinning, which would be a key to developing differentiated products, to the visitors in an effort to provide support to VORTEX Partners' business.

We interviewed Mr. Anshuman Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer of Lucky spinning Co., Ltd., which attended at the Expofil A.W.2009 (Sep.15 - 18, 2009, Paris, France), for the results and the market trend obtained from the exhibition.

Mr. Anshuman Gupta

Mr. Anshuman Gupta
Chief Marketing Officer of
Lucky spinning Co., Ltd.

At first, could you tell us the recent Lucky Spinning Co. Ltd. conditions of your market?
Mr. Gupta
After the down turn of the market in September 2008, the situation for Lucky Spinning Market position has been very strong since March 2009.
The reason for the quick turn around for Lucky has been the four pillars of its marketing policy; Consistent and Good Quality, Excellent Customer Service, Flexibility to market changes & Innovative Product Development Initiatives and Competitive prices.
This position has only strengthened since the Phase 1 commencement of 31 machines of VORTEX in May 2009 and 24 machines under installation in the next two months.
It has become the largest installation of these machines in the World. Plans for 32 machines for Spinning Fibre Dyed Yarns and another 50 machines for Specialty yarns will follow in 2010 & 2011 respectively.
Please tell us about the reputation of VORTEX.
Mr. Gupta
The VORTEX Technology is the latest in the Spinning Industry.
Few people in the Industry know that the yarn made from this Technology has several good features , such as Low pilling, High Moisture management properties, Dimensional Stability, Natural Wrinkle resistance, Great looking garments and Good Dyeing affinity.
While some European customers have done some work with these yarns, most of the users of conventional yarns outside of Europe still confuse this technology with other spinning technology.
In the last 2 years, the Lucky Team has invested in research to develop products in Knits, Woven Fabrics, Towels, Socks etc and in fibers like Viscose, Cotton, Poly/Viscose, Poly/Cotton, 100% Polyester and 100% Acrylic.
To explain to its customers all the advantages of VORTEX yarns, Lucky has a full range of garments and fabrics which the customers can inspect.
The entire Lucky Team has undergone a thorough training in the features of this technology and they have painstakingly explained to all its customers the special features of VORTEX yarns.
To authenticate what we say to our customers we have even branded our VORTEX Yarns as Lopil.
All these efforts have enhanced the reputation of this technology and we are confident that this is the technology of the future. Lucky's Lopil has increased confidence that VORTEX will eventually replace Ring Spinning for Medium Counts.
Lopil® Yarn - by VORTEX spinning

Lopil® Yarn - by VORTEX spinning

Which VORTEX Products are well received in the Market?
Mr. Gupta
Viscose yarns made from our Lopil VORTEX yarns are very well received. Fabrics made from these yarns offer the consumer the comfort of Viscose but without the pilling issues.
And, in addition to this, Lucky has developed a whole new range of yarns such as, Poly/Viscose Blends, Poly/Cotton Blends and 100% Cotton. Knitters and Weavers and Work Wear manufacturers have all found some special features in these yarns and they have successfully experimented with these products to develop new fabrics.
For example, the low pilling feature of VORTEX has been very well accepted by the work wear industry. Also, VORTEX fabrics do not loose shape , color and pill far less after 50 washes compared to the conventional Ring Yarn Fabric.

How was Expofil?
Mr. Gupta
It was the first time a Thai Spinner has participated in Expofil. For us it was a very fruitful experience because we could show our yarn quality, wider range of products and competitive price to many customers.
Here we also had a chance to meet several Garment Brands who are sourcing most of their fabric from Asia. M & S, Mango and Hugo Boss were some of the Brands that visited our booth.
We think that these brands now have an option to recommend Lucky yarn and get the same quality of fabric which they were currently sourcing from nearby Turkey and similar markets due to a lack of available options with them.
Booth of Lucky Spinning at EXPOFIL A.W. 2009

Booth of Lucky Spinning at EXPOFIL A.W. 2009

At last, please talk about the expectations for VORTEX & Muratec.
Mr. Gupta
Currently Lucky Technical Team is working with several new products with Muratec.

It is working on Fibre Dyed Yarns, Fine Count yarns with Micro Fibers, Acrylic Yarns, Nylon blends, Wool blends etc. These yarns are currently under development and we expect to launch these as soon as possible.

Lucky Spinning

Bangkok, Thailand


Lucky Spinning Co. Ltd., Thailand is a leading spinner from Southeast Asia and the largest in Thailand. It has three spinning systems Ring Spun, Open End and VORTEX with a capacity of over 4,350 Tons /month.
The annual turnover is of USD 110 Million. It has exports to more than 40 countries, it is a certified user of Cotton Incorporated USA, and accredited with ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates.

Lucky Spinning

They have the world's largest installation of 55 VORTEX spinning machines under one roof. It offers its customers a very wide range of products, from 24 Nm to 100 Nm, as follows;

- 100% Viscose and Blends of Viscose with Polyester, Cotton and Acrylic
- 100% Cotton and Blends of Cotton with Polyester, Viscose and Acrylic
- 100% Non Bulk Acrylic and Blends of Acrylic with Polyester, Viscose and Cotton
- Core Yarns with Elastane, Polyester Filament
- Specialty Yarns with Micro Denier Fibers

The above information was written in October 2009.