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Customer Interview



Special Interview with
Mr. S. P. Oswal, Chairman of Vardhman Group

2009 Spring

We are pleased to have had a chance of interview with Mr. S. P. Oswal, the Chairman of Vardhman Group, about the actual Indian textile market, the expectation. And also he gave us some kind comments about Muratec products.

Mr. S. P. Oswal

Mr. S. P. Oswal
Chiarman of Valdhman Group

Mr. S.P. Oswal, born in 1942, is the Chairman of the Vardhman Group. He holds a Masters Degree in Commerce with Gold Medal from Punjab University, Chandigarh. Mr. Oswal has over 40 years of experience in the textile industry.

What is your impression about the state of global as well as Asian textile industry?
Mr. S. P. Oswal

Presently, the global outlook is not positive and in the grip of recessionary forces and textile trade is not an exception to this. Presently, the major importing markets like USA has been witnessing reduction in imports by about 10% and the position of Europe is also not very different. The industry experts opined that it may take about one and half to two years before any strong recovery can be visible.

Textile industry in Asia is one of the major production centre for the world textile and clothing demand. Due to aforesaid reasons, the textile economies in Asia are also finding hard to cope up with the situation and relied upon export rebates, postponement of repayment of loans etc.
Please tell us your decisive reasons for choosing Muratec No.21C Link Coner?
Mr. S. P. Oswal

i) Availability of labour in India is resulting into absenteeism at large scale.
ii) Though complicated the technology, yet with better technical people and management practices, help in achieving the results. Also, it helps technical people to correct Ring Frame faults.

No.21C Link Coner at Vardhman Group

Automatic Winder No.21C Link Coner

How would you evaluate and what do you expect from the VORTEX spinning machine?
Mr. S. P. Oswal

Vardhman being a techno savvy cannot afford to remain out of latesttechnology. We have been studying last several years & watching improvements and finally we decided to install some machines. We have yet to experience the real benefits of this new technology.

VORTEX861 at Vardhman Group

VORTEX 861 Spinning Machine

What kind of product are you developing with the VORTEX spinning machine?
Mr. S. P. Oswal

Several products are under consideration. It is very much relevant to have yarn which has better pilling characteristics, also it may appear to be more relevant in certain yarns made of man made fibers. Our experience is limited, it will take us another 3 - 6 months to work on these machines and to discover its full potential.
Thank you very much for using many of our machines in your mills. Finally, please tell us what expectations you have of Muratec in the future, and what you would like to see developed.
Mr. S. P. Oswal

Muratec definitely is a technology company which is always looking out new developments. We do look out for full support of customer complex technology mainly Link Coner and VORTEX.
Our experience shows that lot of things need to be done after erection and commissioning to streamline the process by fine tuning the machine settings and even to the extent of some improvements in parts which might not be performing satisfactorily.

I do appreciate that Muratec has given a good support in attending to our observations & grievances.
Vardhman Group

Ludhiana, Punjab, Inida


Vardhman Group is a major integrated textile producer in India and was setup in 1965 at Ludhiana, Northern India.

Muratec Twister at Vardhman Group

Vardhman Office

Vardhman group has the largest yarn manufacturing capacity in the country, with

- 112sets of No.21C Automatic Winder,
- 4sets of VORTEX Spinning Machine and
- 89sets of Two-For-One Twister.

The Group achieved a turnover of Rs.2693 crores (Usd 600 million approx) in the financial year 2007-2008 and employs over 20,000 people at its various plants.

Their production capacity :

- yarn spinning : 797,000 spindle
- weaving : 900 shuttless looms
- processed fabric : 90 million meters/annum
- sewing thread : about 35 tonnes/day
- yarn & fiber dyed : 65 tonnes/day
- acrylic fibre : 18000 metric tonnes fiber/annum

Vardhman is earnestly working on CSR activities;

Vardhman's initiative to improve the yield of cotton in Punjab in 2001, the experiment was successful as it improved the yield of cotton to 873 kg/hectare in 2005 in adopted villages where the average yield of cotton in the State of Punjab was 587 kg/hectare (world average - 700 kg/hectare).
The President of India was gracious to bless one of the participating Villages -'Gehri Buttar' (District - Bathinda) by his presence on December 10th 2005.
The Industries under the leadership of Mr. S. P. Oswal has adopted more than 90 Villages in year 2008 for improvement in cotton production in state of Punjab.

Vardhman is actively engaged in the activities of Nimbua Greenfield Punjab Limited - formed by a consortium of Industries of Punjab for developing a common facility for storage, treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes generated by the Industry with a Government of India grant.

The above information was written in January 2009.