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Customer Interview



Special Interview with Mr. B. Gobinath,

Technical Director

2011 spring

In southern India many medium-sized spinners exist. Among them we had the opportunity to interview Mr. B. Gobinath, Technical Director, Sri Venkatalakshmi Spinners.
Mr. Gobinath noticed the potential of VORTEX Spinning in the early stages to keep their market leadership position among the major big spinners who are producing Ring yarn and keep developing the VORTEX market with their ingenious product development ideas and unceasing effort.

Mr. B. Gobinath

Mr. B. Gobinath
Technical Director

Please tell us the latest situation of Sri Venkatalakshmi Spinners and your final products and devising point for producing VORTEX yarn if any.

We purchased 3 sets of MJS (No.8R2) in 2007 and produced polyester 100% and all blends in P/C and P/V especially for shirts, bottoms and knit wear.
In 2010 we finally purchased VORTEX 861 for its further advantages in productivity and cost.
Understanding the capabilities of the VORTEX we again purchased 2 more machines in 2011.
With the co-operation of the market we are expecting to expand our VORTEX capacity to a total of 15 numbers within 2 years. Being one of the first entrants we had to work hard to establish VORTEX yarns in the local market, as the concept was new to the customers.
Our approach to marketing VORTEX yarn is customer centric. We approach the customer with his pre-developed final products, samples, and test reports which give him an idea of the yarns capabilities in reality. We then provide him the knowledge and support for processing through the entire process-chain from yarn to final fabric. This approach has enabled us to get repeat orders from the beginning. We also have developed a database of samples in most of the knit and woven ranges as part of our R&D efforts for customer approvals.
Due to our R&D efforts we have also developed some hi-tech technical textile end products using VORTEX yarns.
Our yarns go into final products ranging from intimate wear to high end shirts to ethnic wears.
Why did you choose VORTEX861?

Our company’s mission was to differentiate through process.
We wanted to produce different kinds of products from that of what other major spinners are producing, which led us to buy VORTEX 861.
The idea was to use an innovative technology along with our own ideas to create new products to the market. VORTEX 861 did the same for us.
These machines are innovative and economically viable due to low labor, power and maintenance costs.
There is also a saving in space for running these machines. Currently there is huge shortage of skilled labor in India, VORTEX machines being very labor friendly is helping us to solve this problem to an extent. We strongly believe that VORTEX will play a essential role in the future of the spinning industry.


What is your concrete plan for future VORTEX business?

As I mentioned earlier VORTEX will be the future of the spinning industry, so we would like to focus our efforts towards expanding capacities in VORTEX spinning. We would like to partner with Muratec in developing a complete range of products to the market in all types of raw materials using VORTEX machines.
Through a partnership we would like to take up the challenge of proving that VORTEX is a viable and a flexible spinning technology meeting the needs of all the customers.
What do you think of Muratec customer service? Please give us your frank opinion.

We are very satisfied with Muratec customer service.
Their engineers are reachable any time.
Their local service engineers and as well as engineers from Japan have frequently visited us and helped us through the learning process. Their shop floor level approach towards our fitters has helped us to learn these machines in a very short while.
We would like to innovate and grow with Muratec as a partner in further developing the VORTEX technology.
Please kindly tell us your request to Muratec.

First, we hope to have more opportunities to exchange Technical & Information with Muratec. Second, we would like Muratec to help to create a marketing platform for interaction between the VORTEX spinners and world wide customers (like exhibitions, Trade fares, etc).

Udumalpet, India

Sri Venkatalakshmi Spinners (P) Ltd. (SVS)was established in 1980 at Udumalpet, a textile town around 70 km. from Coimbatore.


The company now focuses primarily on spinning Polyester/Cotton/ Viscose/Other Specialty Fibres including Technical Fibres using RING and VORTEX SPINNING technologies. They were one of the first entrants in the P/C segment in south India and are also a leading mill with a good brand name in this segment.

At present they are spinning 10s to 120s superfine and High Twist counts (Single Ply and Multiple Ply) for apparel and specialty applications (combed and carded) in their ring and VORTEX spinning projects.

Most of their production is marketed all over India and they also export to Europe and Far Eastern Countries. Their niche is in developing specialty applications matching the end user requirements. They believe in a policy of flexibility in their product range, developing whatever the customer wants.

The company has a total installed capacity of around 13,000 ring spinning spindles capable of producing fine quality blended yarns for various segments.

The above information was written in April 2011.