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Customer Interview



Special Interview with Mr. P. Bhaskar, the General Manager of

2014 Autumn

SHIVA TEXYARN LIMITED, SPINNING UNIT II in India introduced “Visual Manager+ (VM+)”, the management system for Muratec Automatic Winder, in April 2013. The VM+ is connected by LAN to 36 sets of No.21C PROCESS CONER in the plant.
We are pleased to have had a chance to interview Mr. P. Bhaskar, the General Manager of the mill, about how they get the most from Visual Manager+.

Mr. Mirza Salman Ispahani

Mr. P. Bhaskar
General Manager

What motivated you to introduce VM+?
Mr. P. Bhaskar

In the past, we would assess the winding machine performance using only broader data such as AEF%, SEF% and production (KG).
This important data was seen only after the end of the shift and only for each individual machine. So, data analysis was time consuming. We needed to solve this problem. After implementation of Visual Manager+, we realized that our technicians were able to use the data to immediately identify and correct problems without waiting until shift end.
How do you utilize VM+?
Mr. P. Bhaskar

Currently at our factory, VM+ is accessed by 3 departments – Maintenance, Quality and Production. Each department has a different approach to improve their respective results.
The Maintenance Department analyzes data such as MIS% and TB/Y. The Quality Department analyzes data such as TB/Y, cuts and alarm levels.
The Production Department analyzes data related to AEF, SEF and production amount etc. Our working strategy has changed drastically based on VM+ data. Instead of the general approach, we are witnessing a focused approach on specifics of the machines.
What has using VM+ done for your spinning operation?
Mr. P. Bhaskar

We have saved manpower that we were using earlier for collecting and analyzing data to prepare excel sheets and charts. Also we find our maintenance staff could be reduced from 6 persons to 5 due to the precise, real-time information given by VM+. We also see a clear savings in spare parts consumption after introduction of VM+. Earlier we were changing parts on a fixed lifetime. But now by utilizing the VM+ data, we find that we can often delay the replacement of parts.
We have found that the winding department maintenance cost has decreased from 6% (of overall factory maintenance) to 4.8% after implementation of our new approach. Further with VM+ we are achieving improvement in SEF% and machine utilization. The confidence level of our staff has also increased.
They realize that even if they increase productivity by 5%, the existing winding drums can comfortably handle the increased load.
Furthermore, Muratec is sending us the VM+ Health Analysis report which helps to identify whether our machines are deviating from standard production and quality values on a long term basis.
Do you have any requests for VM+?
Mr. P. Bhaskar

As a user of the linking system, we hope that in future, VM+ will provide the linking parameters which would help us improve our spinning performance too. Monitoring spinner’s performance based on the winding machine would serve as a tool to improve overall factory yarn quality and efficiency.
Furthermore, we would like VM+ to give more specific details regarding the Auto doffer (AD) efficiency, identification of AD alarms, and the reason for AD failures.
What do you want Muratec to do in future?
Mr. P. Bhaskar

More and more attention is being focused on reduction of electric power and air consumption. Our request is that Muratec continue to make energy and air usage a priority for new machinery models.

Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills
Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills


Coimbatore, INDIA


Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills

-Registered office: Coimbatore, INDIA

- Establishment year: 2008

-No. of employees: 600 persons

- Production equipment overview: The plant has 50,400 spindles and has state of art facility in spinning machinery. There are also advanced system for quality control and management. All Ring frames with Auto doffer link directly to the Winding machines.

- Product range: Ne16s to Ne40s Combed, Carded, Compact and Slub cotton yarn

- MURATEC Automatic Winders:No.21C PROCESS CONER Link Coner Type - 34 sets Magazine Type - 2 sets

The above information was written in September 2014.