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Customer Interview


Pallavaa Group

Special Interview with Mr. Durai Palanisamy,
Director of Pallavaa Group

2010 Spring

In southern India, the economy is slowly recovering from depression.
We had an opportunity to talk to Pallavaa Group, a company that owns three plants in Erode, an area well known for its synthetic fiber industries.
Pallavaa Group’s facilities and infrastructure can handle everything from spinning to weaving, thus directly and strictly controlling the reputed high quality of their products.
Pallavaa Group, one of the leading companies in the textile industry, is favored by many customers all over the world.

Mr. Durai Palanisamy

Mr. Durai Palanisamy
Director of Pallavaa Group

Please tell us how things are at Pallavaa.
Mr. Durai

We purchased our first two units of VORTEX in June 2008, and then added 8 more machines in the last two years.
When we bought the first two units, we made sample fabrics, mainly from Viscose 100%, and brought them to exhibitions inside and outside India.
We have been trying very hard to raise the profile of VORTEX among buyers, and it is now widely popular among the customers in Brazil and Europe.
VORTEX yarn has many good functionalities including pilling resistance, less hairiness, and high moisture absorption.
Based on those qualities, it has become very popular and we are constantly receiving repeated orders.
Not just exporting, but there is also a steady growth in the supply to major domestic knit wear industries.
The recent economic recovery is creating diverse consumer needs within India, particularly among young people.
We are confident that the demand for VORTEX yarn will keep growing.
Why did you choose VORTEX861?
Mr. Durai

We chose VORTEX because, it uses less electricity than other spinning machines, and does not require much space.
Also, labor shortage is a very serious problem in India these days.
VORTEX needs only 50% of the labor compared to the ring spinning machine. It’s a very big advantage.
We think that VORTEX861 is a wonderful innovation with mechanical efficiency that cuts energy and labor, and is a new spinning method that can meet the needs of the market. It has immeasurable potential.
What is your plan for future VORTEX business?
Mr. Durai

We are going to further strengthen the tie with fiber manufacturer Lenzing AG from Austria.
Through the cooperation among Muratec, Pallavaa, and Lenzing, we would like to create even better VORTEX yarn for the market and expand sales.
What do you think of Muratec customer service? Please give us your frank opinion.
Mr. Durai

We are very happy with Muratec customer service.
Service engineers come to our plant quite often, and they are genuinely committed to helping us.
All of our machines are running without a single problem.
We would appreciate further technical cooperation from Muratec in order to expand our plant in the future.

Please tell us Pallavaa’s requests to Muratec.
Mr. Durai

It would be great if Muratec can release data of fore-spinning processes.
Then we can use it as a reference to improve our quality control system, and the quality of our products.
Also, we are very interested to know what kind of products other manufacturers are using VORTEX for.
If we could share information on the ways to take advantage of VORTEX properties, it would be a great help to expand the market.

Pallavaa Group
Pallavaa Group

Pallavaa Group
Southern India


Pallavaa group started its stint in textile industry in the year 1976 at Erode.

Pallavaa Group

Spread across 58 acres, their individual units employ around 2000 highly skilled personnel.
They intend to increase the current production capacity of viscose based yarns from 14,400 tons per annum to 16,000 tons per annum by 2012. Backed by contemporary infrastructure, qualified people, a dynamic management and a growing international presence, the annual turnover stands at 85 Million USD, for Spinning Division, at 55 Million USD.
The total capacity of the unit is 1200 tonnes of yarn per month from Ring, OE and VORTEX divisions.
They are constantly increasing the capacity when the market demand increases.

They currently lead the market in India for viscose and viscose based products.
In the years to come, Pallavaa group envisions themselves as important players in the viscose industry by manufacturing value added products and by being the best in quality.
Establishing the necessary standards and practices towards achieving this end is their mission.

The above information was written in March 2010.