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Interview [South Asia]

Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills

Customer Interview


Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills (A unit of M. M. Ispahani Limited)

Special Interview with Mr. Mirza Salman Ispahani, the Managing Director of
Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills

2014 Autumn

The spinning industry is very important in Bangladesh. We interviewed Mr. Mirza Salman Ispahani, the Managing Director of Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills which is a well-established spinning company. We asked him about the market situation and his opinions on Muratec machinery.

Mr. Mirza Salman Ispahani

Mr. Mirza Salman Ispahani
Managing Director

How do you see the current market situation in Bangladesh?
Mr. Ispahani

As for earnings from exports, the share of Ready Made Garments (RMG) to total exports was 87% in 2013. This year the RMG market has continued to show moderate growth. The success of the textile industry has a deep meaning for our entire economy and nation. The growth of exports has led supporting and ancillary industries to establish, opened jobs in many different occupations and thus increased the transactions in many fields.
Looking back over past 5 years, we have overcome many hurdles. We had to go through the global recession which hit in late 2008 and continued for two years. The highest cotton price increase in 150 years took place in 2010. However, it could not stop us going forward. We continued our journey and were able to sustain our export performance.
How about your business situation?
Mr. Ispahani

In the context of the latest business situation in our country, we did very good business over the last few years. We are very confident that we will continue our journey and proceed toward further success.
We have explored many untapped and non-traditional markets to increase our share. We are now moving upward to higher value added products, such as spandex yarn (CSY), compact yarn and fine count yarn.
Do you think that Bangladesh will continue to benefit from the Spinning Industry?
Mr. Ispahani

Even though the spinning industry in our country is facing numerous problems like severe competition from neighboring countries, it continues to grow. The RMG industry is experiencing growth. However, the intermediate processes like weaving, dyeing and processing, have not yet grown enough. Due to imported yarn and fabric, the foreign exchange earnings from the RMG industry are lower than expected.
Nonetheless, Bangladesh's low labor cost, skilled manpower, and presently expanding market will be able to turn the challenges into a window of opportunity. In addition, most developed countries are turning away from the textile industry and investing in other sectors, thus creating a vacuum in the spinning market. So the benefit to our spinning industry will be enormous in the future.

Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills
What are you planning to further grow your business in the future?
Mr. Ispahani

Our ultimate goal is to provide one stop service to the export oriented local manufactures of knit and woven products, providing different types of conventional and specialized yarn. Therefore we have invested in the most modern machineries. Moreover, we are planning to expand our cotton spinning capacity in the near future. We are very concerned about quality, thus we have received a good response from the export-oriented manufactures who are working under internationally known buyers.
Please tell us why you chose Muratec machines?
Mr. Ispahani

Steady performance of the machine is the most important factor for management. We have been using Muratec “No. 21C” along with winders of other manufacturers. We found better overall performance from the "No. 21C" due to its high productivity, yarn tension control, high quality, and lower electric consumption.
What do you think about Muratec's direction?
Mr. Ispahani

We are using QPRO Link Coner for blend yarns. Thanks to Muratec automation, we can produce quality yarn packages with minimal labor.
What is your opinion of our Visual Manager+?
Mr. Ispahani

This is our first experience with Visual Manager+ and we are happy to get production performance instantly at our desk. It is much easier for our engineers to trouble-shoot issues by using the data provided by Visual Manager+.
Do you have any requests to Muratec?
Mr. Ispahani

At present, we are happy with after-sales service given by Muratec. We hope Muratec will keep an inventory of essential spare parts in Bangladesh so that we can get them in the shortest possible time.
Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills

Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills
(A unit of M. M. Ispahani Limited)



Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills

- Pahartali Textile & Hosiery Mills is a pioneer spinning company in Bangladesh, established in 1954.

- They sell yarns to domestic companies which knit and export the finished garments.

- Their main products are Cotton (Card, Comb and Slub), P/C, CVC, Modal and Melange.

- Production capacity is 71,000 spinning spindles and 37,000kg in total production per day.

- They installed Muratec Automatic Winder “No.21C PROCESS CONER” in 2008. In 2013, they introduced 9 sets of Automatic Winder “PROCESS CONERⅡ QPRO” Link Coner type. They began installing “Visual Manager+”, the monitoring system for Muratec Winders, in 2014. It connects to both “QPRO” and “No.21C” and all the data are integrated and managed over the entire factory.

The above information was written in September 2014.