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Gadoon Textile Mills Limited
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Special Interview with Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba CEO o fGadoon Textile Mills Limited

2014 Spring

The Yunus Brothers Group started business as a trading company in Pakistan but has continued its current expansion as a vertical integration company group in the textile industry. We spoke with Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba, the CEO of spinning company, Gadoon Textile Mills Limited, to ask about market conditions in Pakistan, Muratec winders and VORTEX spinners.

Mr. Durai Palanisamy

Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba

How do you see the current market situation in Pakistan?
Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba

A downward trend has been witnessed since the beginning of this year because lots of low-price yarns have been imported. Other factors in the current slowdown are:
1) Recent appreciation in the Pakistan Rupee against US dollars and other major currencies.
2) Slow demand of yarns and other textile products from China.
3) Rising cost and shortage of electricity.
However, I think the current Pakistan market is consolidating due to a recent huge investment in the textile market. Major groups have invested heavily in recent years on expansion and replacement. I believe the slowdown is temporary and Pakistan has all the potential to get back its world market share.
How are you planning to cope with the current situation?
Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba

We have always tried not to rely on one market and we have always, as a group, successfully managed the ups and downs of business by managing operating costs, new market research finding niche markets. We have done lots of value additions in various fields in our group because we have one of the largest vertical units in Pakistan from ginning to stitching. We have the largest numbers of spindles, and one of the largest weaving, dyeing and processing operations in Pakistan. With the state of the art unit for stitching, and we do not only export yarns, but successfully market textile products to Europe, USA, China and other major countries.
Do you think that Pakistan would get benefit from GSP+(*) from European Union?
Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba

I think Pakistan is a major textile country and we have all the resources and capabilities to benefit from every favor and concession from any corner of the world. I hope and believe that Pakistani entrepreneurs are planning proficiently to get the maximum benefit out of this facility.
(*)The GSP+ is a component of the EU Generalised Scheme of Preferences (‘GSP’) for developing countries.
How would you evaluate the VORTEX spinning machines?
Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba

I think the future is VORTEX spinning. In just a short while I have decided that future replacements and expansion in spinning would be only VORTEX. We have expanded in VORTEX very quickly.
We are using its unique features of low pilling and longer fabric life to strengthen our niche markets and target our larger customers as well. Its feature of rapid water absorption and low hairiness are really beneficial for institutional products. However we still believe that there are some points where Muratec should work for further improvement.

Please tell us your evaluation of new QPRO winders.
Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba

We have added so many machines in the last couple of years. My technical team is convinced that the Muratec winders are the best value due to productivity, easy operation and less waste. Its low air and electric consumption are the key features why we are continuously opting for Muratec winders.

What do you think about Muratec's direction?
Mr. Muhammad Sohail Tabba

My association with Muratec is very long. After some break we again started to buy Muratec machines about 5 years ago, and we have never bought any other winders in our group since then. In addition to technical innovations, the low running cost, less consumption of parts, and the best after sales service have made Muratec as a leader. I hope that Muratec will continue to innovate to benefit its customers.

Pallavaa Group

Gadoon Textile Mills Limited
Fazal Textile Mills Limited
Yunus Textile Mills Limited



Pallavaa Group

- The company was established in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on February 23, 1988, and is a leading Pakistani spinning company having 400,000 spindles for its spinning machines. In the same group, weaving mills, processing and stitching facilities have also been deployed.

- Muratec “QPRO” Magazine type, and “No. 21C” Link Coner type winders have been installed. A Water Splicer for CSY has also been introduced.

- Installations of VORTEX include 11 sets of “VORTEX Ⅲ 870” and 2 sets of “VORTEX 861”. The VORTEX spinners are the market leaders in terms of units delivered to Pakistan.

- The group ships cotton and synthetic yarns around the world to Asia, Europe, Africa, Eastern Asia, and the Middle East. Shipments to Chinese markets have been strong, and Siro Yarn (*) is an in-demand product.

* Yarn made by spinning two strands of roving yarn

The above information was written in May 2014.