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Customer Interview


Toyoshima & Co., Ltd.

Special Interview with Mr. Yusuke Tsuzuki

2010 autumn2

We use Orgabits, products which uses organic cotton, made from VORTEX yarn.
We are especially actively promoting acrylics made with VORTEX yarn.
VORTEX yarn’s anti-pilling properties are the perfect match for acrylic materials, where pilling is a problem.
A major Japanese ladies’ undergarment manufacturer is considering using this fabric.
VORTEX yarn, with its smooth, dry texture, is often used in spring and summer items, but by utilizing VORTEX yarn’s advantages in functional synthetic fibers with superior thermal properties, such as acrylic, we also hope to actively use VORTEX yarn in fall and winter items as well.

Mr. Yusuke Tsuzuki

Mr. Yusuke Tsuzuki
Toyoshima & Co., Ltd.

The above information was written in October 2010.