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Customers Interview

Customer Interview

Dear Valued Customers,

Since the textile industry is becoming more and more globalized, global competition in quality and price is unavoidable.
Meanwhile, local preference and values based on each region's lifestyles must be reflected on the textile products, while at the same time forward-looking trends must also be reflected on them. It is increasingly indispensable to produce value-added and differentiated products that are highly original and have superb functionalities.

There are many challenges in yarn making, ranging from yarn quality and productivity to marketing and environmental concerns.
Why did our customers decide to use Muratec's machine?

Our newsletter introduces comments from our customers all over the world. It introduces the expectations of our customers and how Muratec has met such expectations.
We hope that these articles contained in the Sharing Your Life newsletter provide you with an inspiration for new creativity.

Mr. Hiroshi Takaku

Hiroshi Takaku
Director, General Manager of
Textile Machinery Division
Murata Machinery, Ltd.