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Marteks Maras Tekstil Sanay

Customer Interview


Marteks Maras Tekstil Sanay A.S.

Special interview with
Mr. Mehmet Ali Balci, the Owner, and Mr. Serdar Canbolet,
the Factory Manager of Marteks Maras Tekstil Sanayi A.S.

2013 Autumn

We conducted an interview with the traditional Turkish spinning company Marteks, to ask about the conditions of the Turkish textile industry market and evaluation for the automatic winder PROCESS CONER Ⅱ QPRO that was introduced last year. Energy saving performance of QPRO is highly regarded.

Dr.-Ing. Manfred Kern Dr.-Ing. Manfred Kern

Mr. Mehmet Ali Balci (Owner)
Mr. Serdar Canbolet (Factory Manager)

Marteks Maras Tekstil Sanayi A.S.

What are the market conditions like in Turkey?
Since the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, companies even in the textile industry have avoided carrying inventories and have been required to respond to quick delivery. Therefore, textile imports from Asia have decreased while imports from Turkey, Europe’s next door neighbor, have been increasing.

Additionally, many Turkish companies have developed the flexibility to supply small lots, such as 100kg, of high quality products, and thus earned the deep trust of European companies. So the business between Europe and Turkey has continued to expand.
What kind of sales do you offer?
We offer manufacturing and sales of yarns including Ring, Open End and VORTEX. These yarns are shipped all over the world, but mainly to Europe.

Marteks Maras Tekstil Sanayi A.S.
What points has QPRO improved in from No. 21C?
The major point is reduction in power consumption. The improvment over No. 21C was recognized immediately after beginning the operation of QPRO.

Additionally, operation can be easily controlled by the VOS which shortens the time from installation to operation. Before introduction of the machine, we imagined it would take more time in setting up and maintenance before operation.

Further, since QPRO requires fewer mechanical parts than No. 21C, we expect to see a noticeable reduction in consumable parts in the future.

Marteks Maras Tekstil Sanayi A.S.

Marteks Maras Tekstil Sanayi A.S.
Republic of Turkey


Borckenstein AG

It is the first private spinning plant in Kahramanmaras, Turkey’s leading spinning region today. This plant was established in 1972 for integrated production from growing cotton to the production of final products.

Most of the owners of the spinning plants now located in Kahramanmaras participated as original shareholders of Marteks, and established spinning plants after acquiring technical know-how. The company is the base of Kahramanmaras today.

The company's name derives from the spinning plant (Tekstil) in Kahramanmaras (Maras) = Marteks.

The plant introduced 5 units of automatic winder No. 21C Bobbin-tray type and one unit of Magazine type from 2006 to 2007, and 10 units of QPRO Link Coner type in 2012. Also, 3 units of "VORTEX Ⅲ 870" were introduced in 2013.

The above information was written in November 2013.