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Special Interview with Mr.Anubhava K. Katiyar,
CEO of CMT Spinning Mills Ltd.

2010 Winter

COMPAGNIE MAURICIENNE DE TEXTILE LTEE (CMT) is a vertical knit garment supplier in Mauritius, and is well known for its flexible and quality conscious production system.

We interviewed Mr.Anubhava K. Katiyar, CEO - CMT Spinning Mills Ltd., to hear about CMT's strategy, and impression of Muratec as their partner.

Mr.Anubhava K. Katiyar

Mr.Anubhava K. Katiyar
CEO of CMT Spinning Mills Ltd.

Can you introduce your spinning operations, as well as installed MURATEC machines?
Mr. Katiyar
CMT Spinning Mills Ltd. with 2 units in operation is a subsidiary with 100% ownership of Compagnie Mauricienne De Textile Ltee.
The first unit has 32,400 spindles to produce 100% combed cotton yarn at 22,000 Kg/day of capacity.
The second spinning mill, is the unit for the various kinds of spun yarn production.
It's concept was 'to produce all spinnable fibres under one roof' and it has 20,000 kg/day of capacity.
All Winding machines at Mill No.1 and Mill No.2 are No.21C Link Coner type (total 57 frames) with Visual Manager centralized monitoring system. And Mill No.2 has also 4 frames of VORTEX861, for the production of low pill garments for specific market segments.
Besides the spinning facility, for dyed yarns, we have 8 frames of No.21C Cone to Cone type, and for the twisting facility, we have 6 frames of No.3CA Two-for-One Twister with Individual spindle drive.
Automatic Winder No.21C LINK CONER Type at CMT Spinning Mills

Automatic Winder No.21C LINK CONER Type at CMT Spinning Mills

Why did you select MURATEC when you decided to set up your own spinning mills?
Mr. Katiyar
Before finalizing the 1st Spinning project, we did detailed Technoeconomic comparisons including a plan to visit mills in the various countries.
Finally we selected Muratec with obvious advantages over competitors' products. Over time, the products proved themselves to the extent that the 2nd Spinning mill was also installed with 100% Muratec.
As for Twisters and VORTEX machines, they have quite innovative technologies which we very much needed, and only Muratec can supply - like individual spindle drive for Twisters, and the VORTEX yarn technology.
After we received those machines, we used them, especially TFO and VORTEX to build customer satisfaction and expectation - such as twisting various applications including Filament.
As for VORTEX, various applications offer new opportunities to customers in this difficult and challenging market environment.
PC blends with ring spun yarns were not able to satisfy the PILLING requirements of our European customers. With VORTEX yarn, better PILLING performance with identical hand-feel helped us in satisfying those high quality conscious customers.
Pilling will be a very critical factor in the future. We are sure that in next 10-15 years, by & large, all conventional spinning will be replaced-with Vortex or Compact spinning technologies and Muratec innovations thus has great potential.
VORTEX861 at CMT Spinning Mills

VORTEX861 at CMT Spinning Mills

After the selection of MURATEC as your partner, How's your impression of MURATEC?
Mr. Katiyar
As for hardware (products) technology, all Muratec machines are contemporary.
I have an impression that Muratec is the company to invest in research and development as well as upgrading existing/installed machineries for maximum benefit for the customers.
As a result, machines are user friendly with desired flexibility. Operating and maintenance cost are economical, thus we can say they're the best realization for investment.
As for software(after sale service), with all honesty, after the sale service is very timely and customer oriented.
Your quality of service has given Muratec an additional boost over and above technology and design.
For the last 6 years we at CMT are totally satisfied with the quality and quantity of service from Muratec-Germany (Murata Machinery Europe GmbH) and Muratec-Japan (Murata Machinery, Ltd.) as well.
Two-for-One Twister No.3CA ECO. Twister at CMT Spinning Mills

Two-for-One Twister No.3CA ECO. Twister at CMT Spinning Mills

As your partner, what is your further expectation of MURATEC with respect to CMT's strategy?
Mr. Katiyar
Because of you, many things are expected!!
For example, further technical refinements such as a universal splicer on Winding, further development of automation technology on each machine, and reducing the space requirement for each machine, etc. I believe you can realize them.
Our mission statement is;
"We strive to be among top ten Jersey wear manufacturer in the world, by investing in technology, promoting training and development of our People."
For this mission, we need continuous, further Innovation by our reliable partner, Muratec.

Phoenix, Mauritius



The CMT was started in 1986 by two very dynamic, & visionary entrepreneurs, Mr. François Woo & Mr. Louis Lai Fat Fur from a small factory with a team of 30 committed people.

Now CMT group of companies has more than 11,000 employees in seven different units in Mauritius and they are in the position of one of the leading knit garment suppliers in the world, supplying 50 Mil. garments per a year to the major fashion retailers in Europe and USA.

MURATEC is the partner of CMT as the supplier of whole winding machines, twisting machines, as well as VORTEX for their spinning section, and experienced their dynamic growth together.

The above information was written in January 2010.