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Interview [East Asia]

Zhucheng Chinatex G-way Textiles

Customer Interview


Zhucheng Chinatex G-way Textiles Co., Ltd.
Special Interview with Ms. Zhou Chunhong

2010 Autumn2

This exhibition targeted materials for the fall and winter seasons, but right now VORTEX is not widely used in fall and winter items, so it has more attraction for spring and winter items.
Demand for VORTEX yarn is extremely high, and even with our six machines working at full capacity, we cannot meet all the orders we are receiving.
Our company targets clothing in the high-quality zone. In collaboration with Japanese trading companies and others, we are providing differentiated products.
Right now, 100% of our VORTEX yarn is shipped to Japan.
Of course, VORTEX’s functional characteristics, such as its anti-pilling properties, moisture absorbance and diffusion are highly valued.
A major advantage of VOTEX is that its functional characteristics can be utilized not only in rayon, which is currently widely used in the apparel market, but in any material.
We are satisfied with Muratec’s technical abilities, as well as its friendly and thorough after-sales service.
I hope you will continue to actively conduct PR activities in China.

Ms. Zhou Chunhong

Ms. Zhou Chunhong
Zhucheng Chinatex G-way Textiles Co., Ltd.

The above information was written in October 2010.