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Interview [East Asia]

Zhejiang Huafei Light Textile

Customer Interview


Zhejiang Huafei Light Textile Co.,Ltd.
Special Interview with Mr. Zheng Yongfei
President of Zhejiang Huafei Light Textile Co.,Ltd.

2010 Autumn

The difficulty in recruiting workers in recent years has unleashed a wave of automation in the Chinese spinning industry.
We talked to Mr. Zheng Yongfei, the President of Zhejiang Huafei Light Textile Co.,Ltd., one of the leading companies in China’s market.

Mr. Zheng Yongfei

Mr. Zheng Yongfei
President of Zhejiang Huafei Light Textile Co.,Ltd.

What do you think of the current trends in the textile industry, especially the colored yarn market?
Mr. Zheng

People’s demands for quality clothing continue to increase, so inevitably the demand for quality yarn in the market is also growing, and the quality level is coming into even greater question.
At the same time, there is intensifying competition among spinning companies, and we must constantly introduce the latest equipment and improve yarn quality, while reducing headcount and increasing cost-competitiveness.
In recent years, there have been calls around the world for carbon offsets and environmentally-friendly lifestyles, and colored yarn spinning industries are well-suited to this philosophy, so I believe the road ahead is very promising.
Is your company considering any new investment projects?
Mr. Zheng

Now, we are putting effort into synthetic colored yarn.
Since these are eco-friendly, we predict there will be significant market demand for them in the future.
Currently, our company has about 500,000 spindles, but we plan to double this to 1 million.
Through this process, we are further automating our equipment, becoming a green company, yet also one capable of sustainable growth.
How has your company established the actual working environment?
Mr. Zheng

Ten years ago, conditions in textile factories were harsh. and the factories were labor-intensive.
We were determined to build a more modern factory, employing fewer workers and using less energy.
So, we built our factory in 2002, and have sought to bring in first-class equipment from the domestic and overseas markets.
These include automated transportation systems between fiber blowing and mixing machines and carding machines, long spinning machines equipped with Automatic Doffer(AD) functionality, and Muratec automatic winders.
The installation of AD on Muratec winders in particular has promoted increased automation.
Looking at the revenue side of our operations as well, we feel it's highly worthwhile investing in AD.

Muratec winders
How can Muratec automatic winders, especially Automatic Doffer, contribute to factory automation?
Mr. Zheng

The Muratec No. 21C Automatic Winder contributes not only to higher product quality, but also increases the production volume and efficiency of the winding process, all while reducing the number of operators.
Operating is the final process in our factory.
It checks the yarn quality, acting just like highly-skilled inspectors, helping to ensure product quality.
Muratec automatic winders, capable of achieving high product quality, have become indispensable in building a firm position in the market for the "Huafei Colored Yarn" brand.
The Muratec AD works quickly, and doffing operation is accurate, raising the operating efficiency of the machine, while also reducing the operator’s workload.
The most important benefit it offers is that the AD ensures a consistent length for the bunch winding of all packages.
This is very convenient for downstream processes, increasing efficiency and ensuring yarn is not wasted.
This device has not yet been widely adopted in China, but it seems likely that the AD will become essential in the growth of spinning companies.

Muratec winders
What are your thoughts on Muratec sales, service and future equipment development?
Mr. Zheng

Muratec always provides us with first-class equipment and first-class service and support, and has become essential to our growth.
I feel confident in our selection of Muratec, and would like to continue cooperating with you as a strategic partner.
I wouldn’t consider any company other than Muratec.
As for my expectations, I would like you to increase automation and develop user-friendly, high cost-performance machinery.
What were your impressions after participating in the ITMA-ASIA exhibit last June, especially regarding the Muratec booth?
Mr. Zheng

I think Muratec’s exhibits offered proposals focused on the future growth of the spinning industry.
With the basic premise of producing high-quality yarn, I think it's important for Murata Machinery to produce popular equipment suited to the local market, which can fulfill customers’ needs at the different stages.
I would like you to strongly support the further growth of the spinning industry in China.
Zhejiang Huafei Light Textile Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Huafei Light Textile Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang, P. R. China

Zhejiang Huafei Light Textile Co.,Ltd.

This company is located in Zhejiang Province, China, with 24-year history, having a capacity of 500,000 spindles in two factories, and spins a diverse range of colored yarn.
Their “Huafei Colored Spinning” brand has been expanded into domestic and foreign markets.
They conduct their daily business operations under the philosophy of “Providing you the best performance with our color (strength)”.
Types of yarn manufactured: Polyester (Spun) 100%, T/R, T/C, Production volume: 150 tons/day. Annual revenues: 2 billion yuan

The above information was written in July 2010.