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Customer Interview


Wujiang Jingyi Special Fiber Co., Ltd.

Special Interview with Mr. KeQin Chen

2014 Winter

In Wujiang, Jiangsu where the rayon textile business thrives, major investments in VORTEX spinning has been made recently. We asked the Chairman Mr. KeQin Chen of JINGYI Group/Wujiang Jingyi Special Fiber Co., Ltd., which advanced into the spinning business with the purchase of VORTEX in 2011, about VORTEX business development and Chinese market conditions.

Ms. Wang Junfan

Mr. KeQin Chen
Wujiang Jingyi Special Fiber Co., Ltd.

What are the current business conditions like?

Mr. KeQin Chen

We make shipments of rayon and T/R in China, and VORTEX is superior in production efficiency and can differentiate yarns, thus market demands have increased and overall market conditions are not bad. However, at present, it is a problem that shipping volume varies seasonally since yarns are shipped mainly for knitted fabrics for apparel manufacturers.

How do you expect the Chinese market to trend in the future?

Mr. KeQin Chen

I sense there is still some excess production capacity in the Chinese textile industry. Because of increasing demand, most spinning companies are still experiencing significant demand for their products, but over time only the truly competitive companies will survive. We have to gain an edge in handling diversified products, productivity and quality, and would like to make it possible with VORTEX.

What do you think of differences between the previous model VORTEX 861 and the current model VORTEX Ⅲ 870 from the point of view of management?

Mr. KeQin Chen

From the point of view of management, stable operation is most important and there is no large difference in this point. The VORTEX 861 operated stably from the introductory stage and supported our spinning business. I expect the VORTEX Ⅲ 870 to further add value to our business with stability in yarn quality and energy-saving performance by the STS system.

How do you see your business developing in the future?

Mr. KeQin Chen

I would like to make a good deal of effort in production development by using VORTEX to provide new opportunities for downstream businesses. First, I would like to develop yarn-dyed blended yarns including modal and melange and make the challenge adopting fine count yarns for 100% polyester fabrics or high quality yarns for sportswear. I would like to build a framework which allows for stable orders and production throughout the year which is not affected by seasonal variation by producing yarn types used for shirts or underwear for daily use or of high quality. I want to aim at building a production framework of 168 VORTEX spinner units, and then 400 VORTEX spinner units on a long-term basis.

Where do you see Muratec heading in the future?

Mr. KeQin Chen

I have a lot of confidence in the VORTEX business with all the time spent in development and investment in resources. We expect Muratec to pursue production efficiencies, energy savings performance and operation stability of VORTEX as a machine. In addition, I expect Muratec to give advice and support to us in diversification of our yarn types and production development as a partner.


Luthai Texxtile Co., Ltd.

Wujiang Jingyi Special Fiber Co., Ltd.



Tonghe Textile Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Established JINGYI Group in 1994, which was mainly developed for the cotton spandex clothing fabric textile business. Currently, the Group has 680 employees, and is involved in a wide range of businesses such as trade and investment in fabrics in addition to textiles and spinning.

Entered the spinning industry by adding 24 frames of VORTEX 861 upon establishment of Wujiang Jingyi Special Fiber Co., Ltd. in 2011. Purchased 63 additional frames of VORTEX Ⅲ 870 in 2013. Further, the introduction of an additional 105 frames by 2015 is under consideration.

VORTEX yarns are mainly shipped to domestic apparel manufacturers for knitted or woven fabrics. The export ratio is 70% including the textile business, and shipments are sent to the U.S., Italy, Belgium, Spain and the Middle East. Yarn types produced by VORTEX include rayon, T/R, and modal.

The above information was written in February 2014.