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Customer Interview


Hangzhou Aohua Textile Co., Ltd.
Special Interview with Ms. Wang Junfan

2010 Autumn2

Price competition throughout the industry is now severe.
VORTEX yarn cannot escape from being entangled in this competition simply because of its rich functionality.
Our company is a textile manufacturer, and we are developing a large variety of materials which use VORTEX yarn.
VORTEX’s advantages in the textile market are its anti-pilling properties and wash resistance.
With polyester/rayon blended suit material, the suit can be washed at home, unlike wool, and this is a selling point.
However, since this also means the suit will be washed more often, it raises the question of the durability of the material.
That’s where VORTEX yarn’s wash resistance comes into play.
VORTEX yarn is used in the majority of our current lineup of products.
Even though we do not have the most VORTEX spinning machines in the region, I’m proud to say we are by far and away the market leader in textile market development using VORTEX yarn in China.
Now, some people are saying that the price of VORTEX yarn has fallen, and this is the best chance for VORTEX users to secure buyers.
It will be easier for VORTEX to penetrate the market if it is competitively priced.

Ms. Wang Junfan

Ms. Wang Junfan
Hangzhou Aohua Textile Co., Ltd.

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The above information was written in October 2010.