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China yarn
Special Interview with Mr. Wang Guogang
Managing editer at China yarn

2010 Autumn2

ChinaYarn is an on-line market for yarn and promotes technology exchanges, which boasts 50,000 members in China.
VORTEX yarn has been doing brisk business on this site. In this article, we interviewed Wang Guogang,
Vice-president of the China Cotton Textile Association, the organization which operates ChinaYarn, about his impressions of VORTEX and the VORTEX seminar held in September.

Mr. Wang Guogang

Mr. Wang Guogang
Managing editer at China yarn

Please tell us about the activity of ChinaYarn.
Mr. Wang

ChinaYarn plays a leading role in proactively promoting collaboration on spinning technology in addition to WEB services.
It provides a space where essays and technical documentation can be viewed for free or shared, and members can use that space to study independently or to exchange opinions.
My understanding is that, thanks to this initiative, the site has China's largest collection of technical documentation in the field of spinning.
A total of 3,800 spinning companies take part in our yarn trading service.
These companies publicize their basic information, the types of products they manufacture, and sample prices on ChinaYarn.
This has been welcomed as a service that provides mutual benefits to spinning companies and yarn buyers.
I believe our services contribute to maintaining and improving the level of China's spinning industry.
How was the event held on September 4th and 5th in Xiaoshan?
Mr. Wang

The event, “6th Yarn Buyer and Supplier Face-to-Face Trade Fair”, was held from September 3rd to 5th at the New Century Hotel in Xiaoshan City.
At this fair, half the day on September 5th, in the afternoon, was devoted to a “VORTEX Development Study Seminar.”
Nationally, a total of over 20,000 tons of spun yarn is being manufactured each day, so both buyers and suppliers are looking for better partners.
Even if you find a partner through the Internet or over the phone, in the end the best way to build a positive relationship with them is to actually meet them face-to-face.
This project was planned to provide mutual benefits to all parties.
The first trade fair in 2005 went well, so we have continued to hold it. This year, there were 100 spinning companies (we actually attracted over 200 companies, but had to narrow down the list due to the limited capacity of the venue), and 1,000 formally registered buyers took part.
You could say this is the most effective, economic trade fair in the spinning industry in China.

China yarn
Why did you decide to focus the seminar on VORTEX?
Mr. Wang

At this year’s “VORTEX Development Study Seminar,” we had a variety of presenters, including specialized researchers from universities and other institutions, as well as representatives from spinning companies that actually use the VORTEX Spinning Machine, from downstream clothing design companies adopting VORTEX yarn, and from Muratec.
ChinaYarn continues to progress in the same direction as, and along with, the market.
There is increasing interest in the market in VORTEX, and the reason for that is that VORTEX’s superior characteristics meet the current needs of the market. Spinning companies can achieve space and manpower savings with the VORTEX Spinning Machine, since its high level of automation allows some processes to be omitted.
Furthermore, for buyers VORTEX yarn provides different features and characteristics from traditional ring yarn or OE yarn, making it a distinctive material. We planned this year’s seminar in order to answer basic questions, such as “What is VORTEX?” and “What kind of yarn is it”, as well as the many questions we get from our associates, such as “I’m thinking of buying a machine, but will it work well in reality?” or “What can we expect from VORTEX in the future?”
What was the feedback and the reaction of the visitors to the seminar?
Mr. Wang

For the event as a whole, there were more requests for exhibits than we had capacity for, and it was a great success.
During the actual seminar, I saw some listeners eagerly taking notes, and others exchanging information.
Please tell us about your plans for future events.
Mr. Wang

Next year, we plan to hold the trade fair in September, just as we always do.
To live up to everyone’s expectations, we hope to have a larger venue, with more exhibitors and more buyers taking part.
I think that VORTEX is an extremely promising spinning technology.
For that reason, we’re considering setting up a special exhibit for VORTEX at the venue of next year’s event.
Going forward, I’d like to continue promoting VORTEX based on the demands of the market, so in future events like this one, I’d like to look into utilizing various forms of PR. Of course, to achieve that, I hope to further deepen the cooperative relationship with Muratec.

China yarn

China yarn

China yarn


China yarn

It’s a website that was set up in 2003 to provide a forum to collaborate on spinning technology and to provide a yarn trading service.
Nationally, there are now 50,000 individual members. That means that at least one employee at every one of China’s 5,000 spinning companies is a member.
The site gets over 5,000 hits per day.

The above information was written in October 2010.