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Customer Interview


Malwee Malhas Ltda.

Special Interview with Mr. Guilherme Weege ,

President Director of Malwee Malhas Ltda.

2012 Spring

Malwee, it’s a famous knitting brand in Brazil, manufactures apparel products using VORTEX yarn. Mr. Guilherme Weege, President Director, talks about impressions and expectations of VORTEX and Muratec from the viewpoint of a knitter.

Mr. Guilherme Weege President Director

Mr. Guilherme Weege
President Director of
Malwee Malhas Ltda.

What do you think about Muratec?

Mr. Weege

We are very satisfied. The partnership among the manufacturer of the equipment, the producer of the yarn and our mill is evident. This relationship is unique, providing us greater yarn and product quality.
We verified ourselves, that the installation of your equipments in our suppliers had excellent quality, maintaining the attention to the same ones, so that we could provide our market with more sophisticated products. We also verified Muratec's unique consumer research which allows needed customer assistance in this market segment.

Please tell us reason of your selection of VORTEX.

Mr. Weege

We always have looked for potential innovation in our products and continued improvement of product quality. The VORTEX yarn provided us great progress in the quality of our product lines, strengthening our partnership. Also, from our experience, we know that VORTEX is a technology that adds value to our products.
The VORTEX technology has brought great benefits especially in products produced from cotton and viscose. We didn't change our production processes to use the products with VORTEX yarn. On the contrary, VORTEX has adapted to our existing process, providing higher quality for our products. VORTEX yarn was a solution for quality problems that we experienced when using conventional yarn.

What is the value of Muratec and VORTEX for you?

Mr. Weege

The final quality of the specific products produced from the VORTEX yarn, is a significant improvement for Malwee, especially for 100% cotton yarns.

What is your expectation to Muratec and its VORTEX?

Mr. Weege

We hope Muratec will maintain their superior quality and attention to our suppliers and spinning companies, who are constantly looking for innovation. Also, to continue to do field research with the knit producer, assisting them to meet their needs in the market.

Malwee Malhas Ltda.

Malwee Malhas Ltda.


Founded in 1968, by the entrepreneur family Weege in Jaraguá do Sul-SC, Malwee in their 43 year history, has woven their path with a lot of work, inspiration and creativity.
Embracing new technology, Malwee closely follows the fashion market, producing about 50 million pieces per year for their brands, Malwee and Zig Zig Zaa. The brand Malwee is divided in fourteen lines of products: Malwee Action, Malwee Action Teen, Malwee Fitness, Malwee Colors of Brazil, Malwee Teen, Projects Free Arts Malwee, Flora, Big Hugs, Infant, Adult, Licensed, Forces of Brazil, Embrace The Brazil and Pajamas.
The Malwee group employs approximately 9,400 associates. The company is considered one of the largest apparel companies in Brazil and one of the most modern textile companies in the world.

The above information was written in April 2008.