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Interview [America]

Maliber Industria e Comercio Textil

Customer Interview



Special Interview with Mr. Mario Lisandro Bertoni,
President of Maliber Industia e Comercio Textil Ltda.

2009 Spring

Always with an innovator mind and attentive to market tendency, MALIBER bought 4 VORTEX861 machines and will produce cotton, synthetic and blends yarns.
Mr. Mario Lisandro Bertoni kindly granted us a interview where tells us about your decision of the to buy VORTEX861.

Mr. Mario Lisandro Bertoni

Mr. Mario Lisandro Bertoni
President of
Maliber Industia e Comercio Textil Ltda.

Why you decided to buy VORTEX861?
Mr. M. Lisandro

Since of MJS release I had interest in to buy machines with Muratec air jet technology, but was after the ITMA 2007 that I really decided to buy VORTEX861 because I could see that the air jet technology has a big evolution.
So I was convinced that it was the time to make investment in this new technology.

Mr. M. Lisandro with VORTEX861 Spinning Machine

Mr. M. Lisandro & VORTEX861 Spinning Machine

Which are your expectations about VORTEX861?
Mr. M. Lisandro

Nowadays we produce ring yarn and OE yarn and just started to produce VORTEX yarn from Feb. 2009. I believe that there is a strong tendency of VORTEX yarn replaces ring combed cotton yarn and synthetic yarn, as there is a tendency of ring carded yarn to be replaced by OE.
So, I think that in near future , the VORTEX will replace the ring yarn system.
What kind of yarn MALIBER will produce in the VORTEX861?
Mr. M. Lisandro

We will produce Ne40/1 combed cotton 100% for weaving, Ne30/1 combed cotton 100% for knitting, Ne 40/1 Polyester/Combed Cotton, Ne30/1 Polyester/Carded Cotton , Polyester/Viscose and viscose 100% besides some special blends.

What characteristics do you think are more important in VORTEX861's yarn?
Mr. M. Lisandro

Certainly the most important characteristic is high resistance to pilling and abrasion. Every trial that we did, showed us that the VORTEX861's yarn reached a high level of quality and fabric have more durability due to the less hairiness and high wash resistance.

Malibere Industria e Comercio Texil Ltda.
Maliber Industria e Comercio Textil

Itatiba, São Paulo, Brasil


The company MALIBER was founded in March 15, 1977 in a room of Mr. Mario Lisandro Bertoni Ls house, today's company president.

Mailber Industria e Comericio Textil Ltda

They start selling fabrics, buying yarn and weaving fabrics according market requirement. With the increase of orders, the company was moved to a new place in Itatiba, countryside of Sao Paulo state, installing many looms and stared their own production.

Producing combed and carded cotton, nowadays MALIBER produces 1500 ton per month of yarn being 90% OE yarn and 10% ring yarn. This total, 15% they use in their weaving and 85% they sell. Also they produce 800,000 linear meters of industrial fabrics.

The above information was written in February 2009.