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Comment from Mr. Valquirio Cabral Junior,
Comercial Director of Lupo S/A

2009 Spring

Mr. Valquirio Cabral Junior

Mr. Valquirio Cabral Junior
Comercial Director of Lupo S/A

Pilling never more
- Lupo launches men's underwear made by special fabric with VORTEX
The Lupo company, the major underwear producer in Brazil, has launched a product that promise to turn into one of highlight of 2008 collection and another best-seller : It's Lupo Boxer +Modal, made by 90% +Modal fabric and 10% of LYCRA® yarn.

Lupo Boxer +Modal
According Lupo, differential of this product is the +Modal fabric, from Affiniti Berlan, developed with VORTEX yarn, that thanks of the yarn structure that firmly retain the fibers, it results in a low pilling product, it means, with high resistance to pilling during it's life time.

The new briefs also provide total adherence, anatomical format and extremely soft touch. Haul of that, it has high absorption and quick dry of sweat and humidity, not fading and maintaining an appearance always new. If not enough the beauty, quality and comfort of the product, the innovation is that it's 100% ecological: the fiber used at the production of this fabric comes from European forests managed inside of the most rigorous sustainability parameters.

Exclusiveness of Lupo, the fabric +Modal with LYCRA®, will also be used in the briefs that the company manufactures for the brands Forum and the American Everlast, (in that case, focused mainly for the men that likes box, because the mark is the most famous of the world linked to this sport).

Both will be produced in the model boxer. The product can already be found at the specialized stores in clothes summons of the whole Brazil and in the stores Lupo, presented in all of the Shopping centers.
Lupo SA

Araraquara, São Paulo, Brasil


Lupo is the major manufacturer of stockings and briefs in Brazil, the company has 88 years of existence. the company has been modernized and invested strongly in equipments, new technologies and in the diversification of their production line.

Lupo S/A

Today, Lupo is leader of the market of stockings and the first in the segment of briefs, haul of highlighting in the production of seamless lingerie and of goods for the teen generation, with blouses and bodywear collections that follow the international tendencies of fashion and enclosed of high technology.

They have more than 10 thousand items for the consumers, and more than 30 thousand points of sales and 150 Lupo stores in Brazil, other countries of South America and Portugal.

The above information was written in February 2009.