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Jul. 1935

The Nishijin Jacquard Mfg. partnership was established.
Began production and sales of jacquard machines.

Sept. 1945

Company was renamed the Murata Textile Machine Co., Ltd.

Jun. 1946

Began production of winders.
Entered the field of spinning machines.

Oct. 1955

Through a license agreement with Abbott Co. of the United States, began production of automatic cone winders.
Began full-scale involvement in the spinning machine industry.

Jan. 1959

Began production of automatic cone winder No.10.

Jun. 1959

Through a license agreement with Maxbo of Sweden, began production of air jet looms.
Entered the field of weaving machines (to 1965).

Jul. 1964

Jointly developed two-for-one twisters for filament with Teijin Limited.
Entered the field of machinery for manmade fiber.

Jun. 1965

Through a license agreement with Gilbos NV of Belgium, began production of automatic winder No. 11.

Jun. 1967

Through a technology-sharing agreement with Neumag of Germany, began production of take-up winders for manmade yarn.

Sept. 1967

Two-for-one twister exhibited at the 5th ITMA - International Exhibition of Textile Machinery in Basel, Switzerland.

Jan. 1972

Representative office in Hong Kong opened. Becomes an overseas subsidiary in 1980 (Presently, Murata Machinery (H.K.), Ltd.).

Apr. 1973

Introduced and began production of dobby.

Jun. 1973

Kaga Factory began operations.

Dec. 1973

Murata Do Brasil was established in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Apr. 1974

Representative office opened in Jakarta, Indonesia.

May. 1974

Murata of America, Inc. (Presently, Murata Machinery USA, Inc.) established in Charlotte, NC, USA.

Sept. 1976

Individual-spindle type automatic winder No. 7 exhibited at the 1st OTEMAS - Osaka International Textile Machinery Show in Osaka, Japan.

Aug. 1978

Developed draw texturing machine, No.333-II MACH CRIMPER (with Nip-twister).

Nov. 1978

Developed air-jet spinning frame, MURATA JET SPINNER (MJS).

Oct. 1979

Exhibited the automatic winder with Mach Splicer, No.7 Mach Coner, and the draw-texturing machine with Nip Twister, No. 333-II, at ITMA'79 in Hanover, Germany.
1979 1979

Feb. 1981

Representative office opened in Karachi, Pakistan.

Feb. 1981

Representative office opened in Manchester, UK.

Nov. 1981

The Murata Jet Spinner (MJS), a revolutionary air-jet spinning machine, and the Bobbin Tray/Link Coner automated transport system for automatic winder and spinning frame exhibited at the 2nd OTEMAS.

Oct. 1983

At ITMA Milano 1983, exhibited Automatic Winder with Bobbin-tray system and Link Coner system.

Nov. 1984

Murata Machinery Europe GmbH was established in Dusseldorf, Germany.

May 1986

Representative office opened in Cairo, Egypt.

Jul. 1987

Murata Machinery Taiwan Co., Ltd. (presently, Murata Machinery Taiwan, Ltd.) established in Taipeim, Taiwan..

Jun. 1988

Opened a service center in Beijing, China (presently, Murata Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch) opened.

Jun. 1989

Murata (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Bangkok, Thailand.

Oct. 1989

Acquired the Wiedemann Division from the Warner & Swasey Company Co., Ltd., U.S.A., and established Murata Wiedemann, Inc. in U.S.A.

Jan. 1991

Reached cumulative shipments of 2 million spindles of two-for-one twisters.

Oct. 1991

Introduced a new unified brand name, "MURATEC".

Jun. 1994

Representative office opened in Istanbul, Turkey.

Oct. 1997

Exhibited the Murata Vortex Spinner (MVS), a highly revolutionary the air-vortex spinning frame, at the 6th OTEMAS.

Mar. 1998

Murata Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai, China.

Sept. 1999

Reached cumulative production of 1 million spindles of the No.7 automatic winder series.

May. 2001

Representative office opened in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Oct. 2001

Exhibited the No. 21C series automatic winder at the 7th OTEMAS.

Apr. 2002

Established TMT Machinery, Inc. as a joint venture company with Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. and Teijin Seki Co., Ltd.

Jul. 2002

Shanghai Factory (Murata Machinery Mfg. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) began operations.

Mar. 2003

Synthetic fiber machinery business completely transferred to TMT Machinery.

Aug. 2005

The arrange winder won the first Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award Prime Minister's Award.

Oct. 2007

Murata Machinery India Private Ltd. established in India.

Feb. 2010

Reached cumulative shipments of 1,000 machines of VORTEX spinning machine.

Sep. 2011

At ITMA 2011 Barcerona, released the automatic winder "QPRO" and "VORTEX Ⅲ 870".

Nov. 2015

At ITMA 2015 Milano, released the automatic winder "QPRO Plus" and "FPRO plus".

Oct. 2018

At ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 Shanghai, released the automatic winder "QPRO EX" and "FPRO EX".

Sep. 2019

At ITMA 2019 Barcerona, released the "VORTEX 870 EX"