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23. Mar. 2017

MAZATEC SMS Collaboration of Muratec (AS/RS) and Yamazaki Mazak (machine tools)

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation and Murata Machinery, Ltd.(Muratec) have collaborated in the development of the “MAZATEC SMS (Smart Manufacturing System)”.  This is an advanced manufacturing system designed to meet today’s requirements for manufacturers and to provide unsurpassed efficiency by performing unmanned machining. It incorporates the internal factory material handling technology of Murata Machinery Ltd. with the advanced horizontal machining centers and multi-tasking machine tools of Yamazaki Mazak Corporation.

Yamazaki Mazak has a long history in the production of factory automation systems, such as the MAZATROL FMS, a Flexible Manufacturing System comprised of machining centers, which was developed in 1984. Similarly, Murata Machinery has extensive experience in providing material handling system to manufacturing facilities worldwide. The MAZATEC SMS incorporates the technologies of these two companies in an advanced manufacturing system designed to increase the competitiveness of manufacturers in today’s IIOT environment.

The production schedule output by a company’s ERP system can be sent directly to the controller of the MAZATEC SMS and used for the system operation. Together with production results and system status monitoring, a high variety of workpieces in small size lots can be produced with extremely high efficiency.


Machines with various pallet sizes can be integrated in systems. The storage capacity of each system stocker as well as the loading stations’ specifications will be individually arranged according to each customer’s production requirements.


By working together, Mazak and Muratec have developed a production system in response to the requirements of manufacturers to effectively implement the utilization of IIOT technology in their production facilities.