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1. Sep. 2015

We will participate in EMO 2015

We will participate in EMO to be held in Fiera Milano, 5-10 Oct. 2015. We are located at booth number Hall 4 B10 C09. We're looking forward to seeing you at our booth!



High Productivity Multi-Tasking Machine

MT100 / MT200

Multiple operations by Multiple Turrets
A turning machine for complex process integration

Muratec is able to provide a turning machine accommodated to mass production requirements in an efficient manner.

Live tool and Y-axis equipped with a twin-turret on the upper side and an third turret on lower side enhances versatility of applications from bar work to chucker work.


High Speed & Intelligent 3-Axis Gantry Loader

An Integral, Intelligent 3-axis Gantry Loader offers versatile automation.
Any peripheral device selectable, and Loader re-start from Any position.

Intelligent Servo Unloader
Z-axis and Y-axis are servo drive. Easy access for pallet or outlet devices.

MT100 Gantry Loader MT100 Servo Unloader


High performance for Mass Production

- Large bar size on both spindles
- Same size Spindle Motor (Both Spindle)
- Y-axis on All turrets
- Live tool function on All turrets and All positions
- High Speed 3-axis CNC Gantry Loader







Twin Spindle CNC Chucker


Fulfillment of High Accuracy by an Advanced Turret

Muratec has developed a highly precise turning machine in a compact size to accommodate “the downsizing and high-precision of automobile components” and “diversification of electrical components”.
Muratec offers turnkey system olutions with the compact size machine including peripheral devices.


Twin spindle CNC chucker


MW200 with special specification for customer

・Keeping space on large-diameter work (the ø270mm ring work)
-The Muratec machine for 10" parts can manufacture with a diameter of up to 270mm.
・Post Process Gauge prepared in EUROPE
-The Muratec MW series are flexible for automated line planning.


Twin Spindle CNC Chucker / Drilling Center

MW120EX & MDC400

Turning and Drilling on one single automation Muratec line

Efficient handling of parts using
Muratec high-speed loader.

MW120EX & MD400