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12. May. 2014

We will participate in ITMA ASIA+CITME 2014

Muratec’s theme for this year’s ITMA ASIA+CITME 2014 is “Challenge for the next - Progress.” Muratec will exhibit the automatic winder “Process Coner II QPRO” and VORTEX spinning machine “VORTEX III 870”, our main models which have steadily penetrated the market since their debut in 2011. Muratec strikes a balance between “high quality” and “high productivity” demanded by the textile market all over the world, and offers superior “energy saving” performance, and “differentiation” to meet diversifying market needs. We know these latest models reflecting these elements in machine performance will meet your expectations.

The latest model of the automatic winder “Process Coner II QPRO” is equipped with much more enhanced features & functions over the “No. 21C Process Coner” first released in 2001 and adopted by spinning companies around the world. The “Process Coner II QPRO” has succeeded in achieving a phenomenal combination of “increased operational speed”, “greatly improved energy efficiency in the winding process”, “while maintaining high yarn quality”. Muratec, which has always been a pioneer in developing innovative new technologies related to the winding and rewinding processes - such as the Air Splicer, the Link Coner and the Balloon Control System - is now responding to our customers’ every need with overwhelming performance of our new automatic winder.

Muratec will also be demonstrating the “VORTEX III 870,” incorporating all of the spinning knowledge we have accumulated since the debut of the VORTEX line. This is our third generation VORTEX spinning machine, which handles roving, spinning and winding in a single machine. A unique yarn structure by VORTEX spinning and functionality inherent in its structure are recognized by apparel companies all over the world and continues to spread around the textile product market for a variety of materials and a wide range of applications. “VORTEX III 870” improves operability and user-friendliness to enhance reliability in high-speed spinning based on our experience and ideas from customers including our partners. During the exhibition Muratec will run a sample corner where the latest VORTEX samples are collected. You will experience the degree of perfection along with the expansion of this new model on the market.

Additionally, Muratec will demonstrate “Visual Manager + (plus)”, the integrated management system for the automatic winder, “VORTEX-LABO” for VORTEX spinning machine and parts reservation/quotation system “e-PRO” as Muratec customer support system. Muratec will offer a more reliable and speedier support by utilizing each system in which the communication function to connect customers with Muratec has been improved.


Ever since our founding in 1935, Muratec has continued to make advancements based on expertise and technology that has been accumulated through a long standing relationship with our customers, thus bringing innovation to the textile industry. Muratec aims to contribute to further development of the world’s textile industry (“Challenge for the next”) with improved-quality machinery and creation of added value, brought about by solutions in the form of new technologies.


【Exhibit Summary】
Name of Exhibition:ITMA ASIA+CITME 2014
Dates:5 days - June 16, 2014 (Mon) to June 20 (Fri) 9AM – 6PM
Venue:Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) Pudong, Shanghai, China
Sponsor:CEMATEX, The Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT (CCPIT TEX), China Textile Machinery Association (CTMA), China International Exhibition Center Group Corp. (CIEC)
Official Website:


Booth:                        No. W2-B01 (West No. 2 Building, B01 Booth)
Scale of Exhibit:        800 square meters (joint exhibit with TMT Machinery, Inc.)
Content of Exhibit: 

    Demonstrations of 3 models, videos, product panels, customer support systems
    1. Automatic Winder

       “Process Coner II QPRO” Magazine Type 20 Spindles
       “Process Coner II QPRO” VCF Type 24 Spindles
       “Process Coner II FPRO” Link Coner Type 8 Spindles
    2. VORTEX Spinning Machine

        “VORTEX III 870” 16 Spindles & sample products/fabrics made using VORTEX yarn
    3. Muratec Smart Support


【Content of Exhibit 】

1. Automatic Winder

“Process Coner II QPRO”            Magazine Type 20 Spindles

“Process Coner II QPRO”            VCF Type 24 Spindles

“Process Coner II FPRO”             Link Coner Type 8 Spindles


Muratec will exhibit in China the winder “Process Coner II QPRO” which has been shipped in large numbers since its introduction at ITMA 2011 as the successor to our “No. 21C Series” of which global sales have reached over 1 million spindles, and “Process Coner II FPRO” which is equipped with our unique winging system.

“QPRO” adds an even greater range of performance and achieves both high productivity and high quality while also making full use of the strengths of 21C Series, and what’s more, we’ve added functions that are essential for spinning factories, such as easy-operation and energy-efficiency. At ITMA ASIA+CITME 2014, we will demonstrate two different models of magazine type and VCF type (manpower saving type). In addition, FPRO is a new winder which directly drives packages by eliminating conventional drums. We can offer a full lineup that can respond flexibly to a wide variety of customer requirements and situations, in accordance with floor layout and/or investment plan.


【Content of Demonstration】
(Magazine Type)
1) Cotton (two-ply yarn), Yarn count Ne80/2, Take-up tube 6” 5-57’ cone
2) Core spandex yarn, Yarn count Ne30/40d, Take-up tube 6” 4-20’ cone

3) Worsted (high twist), Yarn count Nm48, Take-up tube 6” 4-20’ cone

4) Cotton (compact), Yarn count Ne80, Take-up tube 6” 5-57’ cone
: We will perform a demonstration of yarn splicing with 4 types of splicers (Water splicer, Air splicer for core spandex yarn, Hot splicer and Versatile air splicer). They can flexibly respond to various types of yarns.

5) Combed cotton, Yarn count Ne60, Take-up tube 6” 5-57’ cone
6) T/C, Yarn count Ne45, Take-up tube 6” 5-57’ cone
: High-speed winding at the industry’s highest level of 1,700 to 1,900m/min will be demonstrated.

7) Rayon, Yarn count Ne30, Take-up tube 6” 5-57’ cone
: The high degree of accuracy of the PC modules which control the tension of yarns optimally will be demonstrated while also demonstrating the tension of yarns.


(VCF type)
1) Cotton (compact), Yarn count Ne40, Take-up tube 6” 5-57’ cone
:    A demonstration of our highly versatile Air Splicer using the type of yarn for which demand is the highest, medium-count cotton yarn.


Combed cotton, Ne60, Take-up tube 6” Parallel


1)  PC module:
This PC module, incorporating a PC Bal-Con (Balloon Controller), a PC Tensor and a PC Sensor, controls yarn tension from bobbin to package under the most ideal conditions.
Maintaining just the right amount of tension throughout the winding process, PC module yields highly productive, high-quality packages.


2)  VOS-III (Visual-on-Demand System):
We’ve improved operability and functionality with an enlarged, easy-to-see 15-inch Touch screen monitor. VOS-III can also display analyses of factors that lead to reduced mechanical efficiency.


3)  Yarn Length Counter:
Using a photovoltaic length counter (PLC), our Yarn Length Counter allows for accurate yarn length measurements, minimizing variance in package length and controlling the excess / shortfall of yarn in next process.


4)  Maintainability:
The device-independent structure, designed with dust-proofing in mind, reduces both the frequency of maintenance and maintenance time.


5)  VCF (Vertical Conveyor Feeder):
VCF is a manpower saving system compatible with bobbins in the hand feed spinning machine and has at least a 75% manpower saving effect in comparison with the magazine type. VCF enables operators to perform simple operation just by feeding bobbins in the bobbin box and space saving in comparison with the bobbin tray type.


【Automatic Winder “Process Coner II FPRO”】

In order to the meet the demand of the global textile industry, Muratec has come up with the latest innovation for winding system by Direct-Package-Drive with Active-Arm-Traverse mechanism.  This makes it possible to form the package by a full-flexible control system with high speed, high precision and less energy consumption. ‘Process Coner II FPRO’, the state of art technology enables to produce the high quality packages with ideal formation and pattern-less.

At ITMA ASIA+CITME 2014, high-speed winding of uniform and low-density packages which are superior in high-speed unwinding by step precision winding, and optimum traverse control and low tension will be demonstrated. Take a look at the stable run, flexibility, and high productivity with cotton yarns. In addition, packages wound by various functions of FPRO including 4-inch traverse, creeping, tapering, and edge correction will be displayed.


2. VORTEX Spinning Machine

“VORTEX III 870”   16 Spindles


Since the debut of the VORTEX spinning machine, VORTEX yarn has been widely recognized throughout the world for its superior features - including its beautiful, clear appearance, its excellent resistance to pilling and friction due to its low level of hairiness and its ability to make clean prints, and has expanded the potential for new product development in the world of fashion.

With our third-generation VORTEX spinning machine ” VORTEX III 870”, in addition to the usual increased productivity, improved operability and maintainability and reduced energy consumption that our customers have come to expect, we’ve also incorporated new and original technologies related to spinning and clearing that prevent hairiness, realizing even greater reliability in terms of yarn quality.

This time, Muratec will demonstrate high-speed spinning of polyester 100% and melange with rayon 100%. In addition to showing of the features of the yarn structure, we will also emphasize the versatility of VORTEX yarn, which is also well-suited to polyester 100% and melange yarn.

In addition, in our VORTEX sample corner, Muratec will display samples of the latest fabrics and products making full use of VORTEX yarn’s features. At ITMA ASIA+CITME 2014, Muratec invites you to see for yourself the high functionality and superior quality of VORTEX yarn, which has been recognized for its features in markets around the world.


【Content of Demonstration】
High-speed spinning of Polyester 100% and Rayon 100% (Melange), Yarn count Ne30


1)   Achieves high-speed, high-performance spinning at a maximum speed of 500m/min in pursuit of greater productivity.
2)   New, original technologies in the spinning and clearing sections achieve high-performance spinning.
3)   Incorporates a mechanical design that takes into account ease-of-use for the operator.
4)   Core filament yarn device (debut)
5)   Apparel brand products and the latest samples provided by VORTEX users and major fiber manufacturers from all over the world.

3. Muratec Smart Support

Smart Support is a concept for Muratec customer support proposed at ITMA 2011. It is comprised of the data management system “Visual Manager+(plus)” and “VORTEX-LABO”, parts reservation/quotation system “e-PRO”, and “Muratec Global Service” which is our extensive support network for customers thoroughly developed at our overseas bases. We will continue to support stable operations of our machines while continuing to build closer communications with customers around the world.


【Outline of Muratec Smart Support】

Integrated management system:

  “Visual Manager + (plus)” for Automatic winder
for VORTEX spinning machine

Customers can see the operation status of a machine (factory) on PCs connected to factory LAN. And the maintenance information necessary to machine operation and maintenance are provided. It can also be confirmed by portable terminals such as your smart phone or iPad tablet.

Muratec provides machine diagnostic reports based on the operation data.



Estimates for parts can easily be prepared via the Internet.

Where, how many, and what type of parts are stored can be checked.

Parts in stock can be reserved.


Muratec Global Service

Muratec staff nearest you always provides services corresponding to region and countries around the world.