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31. Mar. 2014

Murata Machinery to Establish New Sales Office for L&A Business at Local Thai Subsidiary

In order to support further market expansion in Thailand, the L&A Division of Murata Machinery, Ltd. (Muratec) has established a new sales department at our local subsidiary, Murata (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (MTC). The new sales department will begin operations starting on April 1st, 2014.


Muratec’s L&A Division already has a proven track record in Thailand, with around twenty deliveries of logistics and FA systems to both local businesses and Japanese-owned manufacturers, while aftermarket service for this business has been handled by MTC. With the establishment of this new sales department, the L&A Division aims to further expand its sales and enhance its service in Thailand.


Founded as a local subsidiary of the Muratec Group in 1989, MTC has handled sales and aftermarket service of Textile Machinery and Machine Tools. MTC aims to support the expansion of the entire Muratec Group in the Thai market in the near future.


Outline of Murata (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Company Name:

Murata (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Person in Charge:

Naoki Kamiya (Managing Director)

Main Business:

Sales and aftermarket service of Textile Machinery, Machine Tools, Logistics Systems and FA Systems.


110 Million Thai Baht

Number of Employees:

24            (5 from Japan)




898/43-44 SV CITY TOWER 2, 25th Floor, Rama 3 Road Bangpongpang, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120, THAILAND