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1. May. 2013

New Products / BICseries / Control and Sensing Division

Control and Sensing Division of Muratec launched sales in May of the positioning sensor module "BIC0308" which can easily be attached to dies such as injection molding machines.

The positioning sensor module "BIC0308" is a measurement module in which our magnetic induction type sensor "Muratec Inductcoder" superior in environment resistance, mainly resistant to high temperature and high pressure, is assembled, and can easily be attached to dies such as injection molding machines, die cast molding machines, high precision presses, and precision forging machines, allowing for the die position at machining to be correctly measured. For customers who have introduced the "BIC0308," the mold opening amount between the core (male) and cavity (female) at machining can be correctly grasped and it can be expected that fine adjustment which has been largely dependent on the experience of the machine operator can be improved to be numerically based.  

The released positioning sensor module "BIC0308" offers performance and durability such as resistance to high temperatures, high humidity, impact and water. We have confirmed these results through performance tests. In comparison with the measurement methods which were conventionally used for the same purpose including the method for direct attachment of a sensor to a die, precision measurement is made possible due to the features of environment resistance.


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