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15. Oct. 2012

Murata Machinery, Ltd. was the proud winner of two "Good Design" awards for 2012

Murata Machinery, Ltd. was the proud winner of two “Good Design” awards for 2012, awarded by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP).  One was for our automatic winder, “PROCESS CONER Ⅱ QPRO”.  The other was for the screen design of the “VOS III”, Visual-On-demand System.  The VOS III is a computerized operation management tool used on Muratec textile machinery.


To learn more about our winners please visit the following websites:


The automatic winder “Process Coner Ⅱ QPRO”


Go to the website of Good Design Award (link to the website)


The screen of the operation management system “VOSⅢ”

For more details (link to the website of our textile machinery div.)


<More about the “Good Design Award”>
The “Good Design Award”, given by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, has been the sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan since 1957.  The award recognizes products which enhance industry or quality of life through their innovative design.  Many companies and designers from both inside and outside Japan regularly participate.  Approximately 38,000 “Good Design Awards” have been given in the 55 years since its inception.  “G Mark”, the symbol of the award, is widely recognized as a label representing a uniquely designed and useful product.