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Information can be useful if it is easily accessible.
Making advanced features easier to use is the basis for our daily activities.

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  • Digital Multifunctional product

  • Laser Xerographic Printer Facsimile

  • LED Linear Array Optical Facsimile

  • Thermal Transfer Facsimile

  • Document & IP Solution

A Variety of Features Packed in Muratec MFPs

Digital Copying & Color Scanner

Digital copy
Digital processing enhances copying functions with rotate copy, electronic sorting, combine copy, series copy, repeat, etc.

High resolution color scanner
High resolution 600dpi color scanning reproduces a clear image on your PC display.
Convenient Scan Box feature realizes advanced scanning operation at machine side.


User friendly operation

Large touch-panel display
The use of a large touch-panel display minimizes the number of hardware keys. Its design, which considers different operational patterns and the use of animated guidance, makes it easy to operate.

Voice guidance
Various registrations, paper jam removal, and other operations are prompted by voice guidance.


Network Solution

High-speed Ethernet connection
On top of the fundamental functions of a copier, scanner, fax, and printer, the ability to enter, archive, process, and transfer data through network makes it a powerful composite tool in an office.

Network printer
It works as a Windows compatible 600 dpi printer. With its network support, it will be a shared network printer without a printer server. The standard support for 100BASE-TX and 10BASE-T makes it suitable for a variety of networks.
It adds a high-speed network printing capability to various applications.

Internet Fax & PC Fax
In addition to ordinary fax communication through telephone lines, it enables fax communication through the Internet and direct transmission from a PC. It helps to make a paper-less office.

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