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Environmental Activities


Muratec is aggressively pursuing activities to preserve the environment, like obtaining ISO14001 certification and developing eco-friendly products.

Our Environmental Policy
ISO14001 Certified

Guided by the company's environmental policy, Muratec already has ISO14001 certificates for its Head Office, Oita Factory (Muratec Mechatronics Co., Ltd.), the main manufacturing facility for Communication Equipment.

Satisfies the Criteria for the ENERGY STAR(R) Program

The ENERGY STAR(R) Program is an international effort aimed at developing and introducing more energy efficient office appliances to cope with environmental issues such as global warming. Muratec, as a supporter of the program, offers products that satisfy the criteria set out in the program.

Development of the Cleaner-less System

With conventional systems, waste toner that is not transferred to paper gets discarded. The cleaner-less system recycles waste toner and utilizes 100% of it. It is a system that is both economical and eco-friendly.

Green Procurement

Preservation of the global environment is an issue for all mankind. It requires all corporations not only to introduce innovative technologies, but to change their mentality and put more emphasis on environmental preservation.

Muratec's Communication Equipment Division has set forth the Green Procurement Guidelines to increase the use of products, components, and raw materials that have less environmental impact. This is based on the company's philosophy to "Aiming at a company who keeps creating new values to the market, we pursue all of the activity with high consciousness about conservation of the Earth environment, in order to transfer the mother Earth to the next generations".

We request your kind understanding of our environmental preservation program, and ask for your support.

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