Green Procurement


"Green Procurement": Working with our busines Partners

Murata Machinery, Ltd., the Communication Equipment Division has decided on harmony with the environment in its business vision, with the aim of becoming a sustainable business that is going to create new values. Based on this business vision, and to bequeath this valuable Earth to the next generation, we are involved in activities that consider environmental conservation and harmony at each stage of development, design, raw materials procurement, manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal.
To promote these activities further, reinforcing environmental conservation activities in cooperation with our business partners, and prioritizing the procurement of raw materials and services with minimal environmental impact in the procurement activities, is indispensable.

We would like to ask our business partners for their understanding and cooperation in the importance of involvement in environmental conservation.

We promote procurement involving the following items.

· Procurement from business partners who promote reducing the environmental burden

· Purchasing products that do not include harmful substances, such as conformance to global chemical regulations, etc.

· Procurement from business partners who promote environmental conservation activities


Communication Equipment Division Green Procurement Guidelines

For details of our involvement in green procurement, consult our “Green Procurement Guidelines".

PDFGreen Procurement Guidelines Version 7


Supplement of Green Procurement Guidelines:
We request the EPEAT registration products as following.

  • Cadmium and its compounds shall not be contained more than the limit of EU RoHS directive. This shall be applied also to EU RoHS directive exempted cadmium applications.
  • External plastic casings greater than 25g shall not contain more than 0.1% weight (1000ppm) bromine and 0.1% weight (1000ppm) chlorine attributable to brominated flame retardants(BFRs), chlorinated flame retardants (CFRs), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This will not be applied to external plastic casings for external power supplies.

Request to Supply Information Regarding Delivered Items
Muratec has started surveying products with chemical substances from business partners.
In responding, please use the survey response tool (JGPSSI survey response tool) shown below.

About JGPSSI: Japan Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative

JGPSSI was launched in January 2001 by companies involved in the electrical and electronic appliance industry. JGPSSI is an NPO that aims to reduce the effort required for green procurement surveys and to improve the quality of responses by communalizing the list of substances subject to the survey and the survey response format. JGPSSI stipulates survey response formats for chemical substances contained in parts and materials.