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Creating Values in Offices

The Communication Equipment Division of Murata Machinery introduced a facsimile machine that can transmit and receive information through ordinary telephone lines in 1973 for the first time in Japan. Thirty years later, we are now researching and developing IT devices with a focus on MFPs (Multi Functional Peripherals) having the functions of a fax, a digital copier, a printer, and a scanner.

In recent years, we saw an opportunity for MFPs to be "enhanced use of networking" in an office environment and have turned the MFP into an office "network hub" by adding comprehensive features to manage and share documents. These include those printed on paper in addition to digital files. In essence we have designed the Satellite Navigation System for the office. The division is determined to continue its R&D activities to accommodate new trends in the IT industry and create value.


Vision of Business

From the perspectives of our customers, we strive to become one of the major players in the world by pursuing four core values to fill the niches in the markets of:
Image, Information, and Communication.