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5. Sep. 2019

Participation in an interconnection demonstration of machine tools by using the Industrie 4.0 platform “umati” at EMO Hannover 2019

Murata Machinery, Ltd. (main office: 136, Takeda-Mukaishiro-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto; president: Daisuke Murata) announces its participation in a demonstration of data linkage of multiple companies’ machine tools and equipment implemented by VDW (Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V. (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association)) using the common interface “umati” at the European international machine tool trade show “EMO”, one of the world’s largest machine tool trade fairs, which will be held in Hannover, Germany on September 16.


Real-time demonstrations at Murata Machinery’s booth will make connections by using the umati-capable protocol converter for smart factory use “FBR-100AN” (a prototype of the OPC UA model) developed by Silex Technology, Inc. (main office: Seika-cho, Kyoto; president: Yoshio Okano) of the Murata Machinery group.


“umati” is a common interface for machine tools, running on the protocol OPC UA recommended by Industrie 4.0 and being formulated by VDW, and at the EMO this time, a real-time demonstration is planned for connections on a scale that numbers 100 machines as an interconnection demonstration in which multiple machine tool manufacturers, controller manufacturers, and application vendors will participate.


By participating in this demonstration, we plan to demonstrate our company’s stance on IoT by demonstrating our ability to respond to “umati” particularly to users in Europe.


Information on Murata Machinery’s exhibit at the EMO


About the protocol converter “FBR-100AN” OPC UA support model prototype at EMO Hannover 2019
 (Silex Technology, Inc. press release)


About umati  (VDW website)



Silex FBR-100AN