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Supply Chain Responsibility

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

The Murata Machinery Group promotes CSR activities together with our business partners in order to fulfill our social responsibilities in terms of human rights, labor and environmental conservation.

Supply-Chain CSR/BCP Survey

We have surveyed the CSR/BCP activity efforts on the part of the critical suppliers based on the RBA Code of Conduct(*).
Specifically, we surveyed Understanding of RBA Code of Conduct, Labor, Health & Safety, Environmental, thics, Management systems and Business Continuity Plans (BCP) with the help of our business partners.

*Click here to visit the RBA website.

Survey Results


CSR/BCP Seminar for Suppliers

We have held CSR/BCP seminars in Ise / Inuyama Plant for suppliers. Muratec will continue to promote and spread CSR/BCP activities in the Muratec supply-chain. We believe that jointly promoting CSR/BCP activities will lead to improvement of corporate value and sustainable growth for the entire supply chain.

Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2022


CSR seminars for vendors

January 26, 2022 Inuyama
February 25, 2022 Ise