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Supply Chain Responsibility

Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy

Muratec Procurement Policy

1.Strict adherence to laws, regulations and social norms

We will conduct fair and transparent business activities by strictly adhering to laws and regulations, starting with the Subcontractor Act, as well as by adhering to social norms, including the elimination of discriminatory treatment, the prohibition of child labor and forcedlabor, respect for intellectual property

rights and the prevention of corruption.


2. Promotion of fair and impartial transactions

We will conduct transactions that are fair, transparent, subject to free competition and reasonable.

We will not accept or provide entertainments, gifts, money or any form of bribes for the purpose of achieving unreasonable profits or other benefits. We will respect healthy business partnerships that strictly abide by laws and regulations.


3. Business partner selection standards

In addition to items 1 and 2 above, we conduct comprehensive evaluations when selecting the suppliers and vendors. Factors include the stability of their business foundations, the assurance of productspecifications and quality that meet our needs, high levels of technological development capabilities, strict adherence to deadlines,stable supply and reasonable prices.