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Muratec Code of Conduct

Muratec Code of Conduct

  1. Products and services
    We will develop and offer products and services that are safe and useful to society.

  2. Fair business practices
    We will engage in appropriate transactions, with fairness, transparency and free competition. Moreover, we will maintain sound and normal relations with political bodies and governmental organizations.

  3. Proper Information disclosure
    We will engage in broad communication with society and disclose our corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner.

  4. Personnel, labor management and workplace environment
    We will be considerate of our corporate officers’ and employees’ diversity, character, and individuality and realize a safe and employee-friendly workplace environment. We will also aim to promote physical and mental health.

  5. Intellectual property and personal information
    We will conduct appropriate data management to protect intellectual property and personal information.

  6. Environmental initiatives
    We will actively engage in tackling environmental issues in our corporate activities as well as through our products and services.

  7. Contribution to society
    We will actively participate in activities as a “good corporate citizen” and contribute to societal development.

  8. No connections to anti-social elements
    We will not have any involvement with anti-social groups and organizations that may threaten the order and safety of civil society.


All the board members and the workplace leaders shall recognize their own important role in realizing the essence of this Code of Conduct, and lead by example in raising awareness about proper conduct amongst people involved.

Should a violation of this Code of Conduct occur, the senior management shall lead the entire organization in rectifying the problem, searching out its true cause and working to prevent its reoccurrence, and shall mete out a strict punishment not only to the violators but also to themselves.


Daisuke Murata,

President of Murata Machinery


Enforcement: August 17, 2007
Amendment: April 4, 2023