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CSR Management

Training for Labor, Health and Safety, Environment and Ethics

Training for Labor, Health and Safety, Environment and Ethics

In-house training

The Muratec Group believes that in promoting efforts related to the environment, health and safety, labor and ethics as a company, it is important to achieve the thorough understanding and awareness of each employee in addition to having a system of continuous improvement. To achieve this, we continuously carry out a variety of trainings:

  • Compliance group training for new employees and newly appointed managers

  • Purpose-specific training sessions such as the “BCP Briefing Session”, the “CSR Seminar”, or the “Business Risk Seminar”

  • Various trainings related to health and safety

  • E-learning(*) directed at all employees of Murata Machinery, Ltd. and the Muratec Group

* E-learning means a form of studying which is mainly conducted via the Internet. Participants can take courses at any time anywhere during their free time as long as they can connect to the company’s in-house network.

List of e-learning and Participation rate for the e-learning

Compliance and Ethics Training

Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2021

November 9, 2020 Inuyama

BCP Compact drill
January 15,21-22, 2021 Kissyoin


BCP Crossing Drill
February 23, March 16 2021 between Kyoto,Inuyama and Ise


Compliance Seminar for Compliance Committee
January 28, March16, 2021 WEB


Evacuation drill
November 9, 2020 Inuyama