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Health and Safety



Safety and Health Training Program

At our company, we prioritize employee health and safety as one of our top management issues. We will take necessary measures, such as the provision of education and training to all employees.

  • Education programs for new recruits
  • Training at Safety Discipline Dojo (Inuyama, Ise, Kaga, Shiga, Oita)
  • On-site Safety training (At site)
  • E-learning for all employees on EHS (environment, occupational health and safety)
    In addition to the above, for the purpose of maintaining and improving employees’ health, we hold a variety of health-related seminars, and of reducing the number of traffic accidents, we provide education on traffic safety.

Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2022

Health promotion e-learning
September, 2021~ (Whole company)


Health promotion seminar
June 12, 2021 WEB (Whole company)


Refresh training on EHS daily audit※

March, 2022~ e-learning(L/C Manufacturing Department at Inuyama, Ise)


Traffic safety seminar

February, 2022~ e-learning


※Daily audit refers to the voluntary audit activities of the workplace related to safety and health, which are carried out daily by the L/C Manufacturing Department(L&A division and the clean FA division).